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"Never discontinue this wash, it is the best on the market! Thank you for making it!" TC, Horsham (18th May 2022)
"Best product I have used since Caesarian Section caused painful sex 26 years ago. Love everything about your products and so does my partner. " DG, Taunton (17th May 2022)
"Best lubricant I've found. I'm very concerned about my health due to genetics and an autoimmune disease and your products are worth it! Help not make sex painful, too." OD, Cambridge (16th May 2022)
"I have used your product since my Lichen Sclerosus diagnosis in 2014. I love the intimate wash. " PA, Plymouth (15th May 2022)
"The only products that don't cause me any further irritation/discomfort when used. Excellent " DD, Somerset (14th May 2022)
"This product completely reversed the vaginal atrophy I got from menopause." RL, Ludlow (13th May 2022)
"The lubricant with an applicator has been wonderful, first time having sex without pain now we want to try the moisturizer" AD, Hampshire (12th May 2022)
"I think the oil based lubricant is the best on the market, and well priced too." HW, Cobham (11th May 2022)
"This has helped a great deal. Reluctant to take hormones, so this was a good option for me." NS, Nottingham (10th May 2022)
"I've been using the vaginal moisturizer gel (water-based) for 2 years now and it has been a great help in relieving vaginal dryness due to hysterectomy. A wonderful product which I highly recommend!" PT, Tottenham (9th May 2022)
"These products are great and I highly recommend them " JR, Cumbria (8th May 2022)
"Product works really well and feels so natural. " CD, Colchester (7th May 2022)
"These products are brilliant ! Not least because it makes you relax to know that there won't be any difficulties - there will be slide and glide, with ease." GD, Cheshire (6th May 2022)
"Love that it is an all natural water based product. Have used this product for several years and I am very pleased with it." AK, Arundel (5th May 2022)
"The lubricant tube with an applicator has been a real godsend. First time being able to have sex without pain since treatment for cancer. Thank you" ER, Essex (4th May 2022)
"It is the best Vaginal Lubricant for Post-menopausal women, and it really works!! They are all natural ingredients, to match the PH balance." PR, Reading (3rd May 2022)
"Only products I can use without irritation." WB, Warrington (2nd May 2022)
"The best treatment I have found so far!" HB, Exeter (1st May 2022)
"The only lubricant I use, purchase every month and never disappointed. " DL, London (30th Apr 2022)
"It has been a godsend, which is somewhat of an understatement. It has helped me so much as I am allergic to oestrogen creams. The problem is not cured but your cream makes my life an awful lot better. Thankyou." SD, Dundee (29th Apr 2022)
"Gyno gave me a sample and it has helped more than steroid creams for lichen sclerosis " MS, Surrey (28th Apr 2022)
"So great! No issues with yeast infections or UTIs when using and makes sex more enjoyable! " PP, Plymouth (27th Apr 2022)
"Has really helped the skin conditions around my vulva. I use the OB as a moisturizer for the area, not just for lubricant, and it does wonders. " EB, Colchester (26th Apr 2022)
"Have been using Yes VM and WB for 3 years now and both products have made it possible that myself and partner have so much pleasure. Would not be without these products now - life changers. " NM, Southampton (25th Apr 2022)
"Very essential to womens health to find products without harmful chemicals, I would never use anything else. An absolute life saver. " SN, Marlow (24th Apr 2022)
"I have used this product for a few years now and it really does work. A few years ago sex became quite painful after the menopause but this has certainly helped . " FS, Manchester (23rd Apr 2022)
"VM (vaginal moisturizer is so soothing and cooling). It works instantly and keeps on working throughout the day and even days. Love it. It is wonderful to find a products that are so gentle, organic, and safe to use. " LE, Ealing (22nd Apr 2022)
"The intimate wash and vaginal moisturiser are brilliant, the only products that keep me comfortable. " IR, Branscombe (21st Apr 2022)
"Really helpful as prior to having breast cancer I had never had lubrication issues. Now due to chemically induced menopause I have found not only that I have but I am super sensitive in my intimate areas, so the water based lubricant is perfect as it is so simple and feels like it is not there. " DD, Reading (20th Apr 2022)
"Best lubricant for me. Never burns, never itches, never develops an off smell. " NH, Alton (19th Apr 2022)
"I'm really glad I found you. I've had vaginal atrophy post chemo and with continuing hormone suppression. Was unhappy about using other less natural products " BS, Durham (18th Apr 2022)
"Fabulous product. Please NEVER discontinue!!! Thank you so much. I'm 70 and I have a sex life again..... " GK, Weybridge (17th Apr 2022)
"Easy to use amazing for my medical conditions vaginal atrophy and Lichen Sclerosis. " WO, Woking (16th Apr 2022)
"It's the only lube I've tried in 30 years that doesn't make me sore, I was so glad to find it! " DO, Donnighton (15th Apr 2022)
"I am 20 years postmenopausal, so lube is an absolute necessity. I have used Yes for years and love it. I have tons of allergies and back when I first started using lube, I tried just about every lube on the market at the time. Yes is the only lube I have been able to use with no reaction. Plus, hubby likes the natural feel of it, too. " TO, Oxford (14th Apr 2022)
"It has made a huge difference to my marriage at a difficult time. Thank you. " LK, Darlington (13th Apr 2022)
"I have vaginal atrophy, and painful dryness. Due to your product I was able to stop taking estragon. Thank you for your product. " CW, Warwick (12th Apr 2022)
"You have basically changed my life for the better thank you x " MF, Swanage (11th Apr 2022)
"Great product - the only thing that does not sting! " KL, Kingston (10th Apr 2022)
"I have been using the vm, ob and wb for over a year now and they have given me my life back. Thank you! " JN, Ipswich (9th Apr 2022)
"It has really transformed my sex life. I cannot use hormone based creams as I have had breast cancer. Post menopause sex was extremely painful. I am still finding the perfect combination of yes products but it has definitely helped. " HW, Wandsworth (8th Apr 2022)
"Yes has helped me so much during menopausal symptoms thankyou ladies " IB, Birmingham (7th Apr 2022)
"Leaves you feeling fresh and clean (but not dry). I love the intimate wash. " AH, Harrow (6th Apr 2022)
"I have tried so many things for extremely painful dryness, including the Mona Lisa procedure. This product is incredible! All women should know about this product. " TE, Edinburgh (5th Apr 2022)
"The very BEST product I have ever tried! Any woman that has any issues should try this. I highly recommend using a combo of the WB and OB together. Life changing for extreme dryness. Thank you for creating this amazing products. " RB, Rodborough (4th Apr 2022)
"Best experience ever. Recovering from vaginismus, VM has been life-changing and allowed me to progress in comfort. OB is great, am looking forward to trying the 'double glide' effect with WB too. " LL, Ludlow (3rd Apr 2022)
"Literally the best. I tried those hyaluronic supplements and they were gross. Other VMs are not natural. My husband says it tastes and feels natural. " SV, Salford (2nd Apr 2022)
"I have used VM for the past 3 years. I do not know what I would do without it " TN, Tottenham (1st Apr 2022)
"I have tried lots of products and also ones recommended and prescribed by my GP but Yes products have been by far the best of all the things I have tried. A big Thank You " DU, Uxbridge (31st Mar 2022)
"Tried the samples I got and loved the products had great sex again which is what we needed as a couple - thank you " WD, Bude (30th Mar 2022)
"We have been buying and using since 2009. We are very pleased. " CG, Glasgow (29th Mar 2022)
"Love the product. Thank you for saving my sanity!!!! " HN, Nottingham (28th Mar 2022)
"Great product, very grateful to have found it. Thanks a lot! " SA, Arundel (27th Mar 2022)
"Best thing I have used " PL, London (26th Mar 2022)
"Love the products, especially the intimate washes. I wanted organic unscented products and yours are perfect." FB, Farlington (25th Mar 2022)
"Really like the product!! I have used it for YEARS!! And I tell ALL my women friends!!" TR, Tottenham (24th Mar 2022)
"Absolutely the best, most natural feeling, not gloppy or slimy lubricant. I love this product and so does my husband." LL, Lyme Regis (23rd Mar 2022)
"A life saver, nothing helped with the burning painful intercourse until I found your products. thankful!" SF, Lymington (22nd Mar 2022)
"Yes VM has massively improved my vaginal dryness and my bladder irritation which I have struggled with since taking Anastrazole following my breast cancer diagnosis. Thank you!" NS, Norwich (21st Mar 2022)
"The products have really helped me and I am now able to have intercourse without my skin splitting and bleeding. So glad I was told of the products." TY, West Sussex (20th Mar 2022)
"Excellent for everyday comfort " SW, Salisbury (19th Mar 2022)
"These are some of the ONLY products that are not irritating and that I trust 100%" NS, Sussex (18th Mar 2022)
"So thankful to use something that really works well! Thank you!" HD, Harrow (17th Mar 2022)
"The Vaginal Moisturizer is literally life-changing." MD, Ipswich (16th Mar 2022)
"Post Breast Cancer your plant based lubricant was life changing for me! I'll never use anything again. Thank you!" GA, Croyde (15th Mar 2022)
"I have a pleasurable sex life again." CF, Switzerland (14th Mar 2022)
"So soothing for lichen sclerosis , Yes OB" PO, Plymouth (13th Mar 2022)
"Best thing ever to relieve vaginal dryness, not felt so comfortable in years " KA, Devon (12th Mar 2022)
"This is the only lubricant I have used that does not cause burning or end up giving me thrush as most lubricants contain glycol which disrupts my natural balance. I will use this product forever and ever" NM, Oban (11th Mar 2022)
"Products are life changing " DG, Bath (10th Mar 2022)
"It is the only product that does not irritate my vulvar skin, it is excellent the best product " YD, Dudley (9th Mar 2022)
"I love your products and they have definitely assisted in prolonging years of sexual intimacy. " GN, Leeds (8th Mar 2022)
"Thank you. The only moisturising product I have tried that does not sting or leave a weird residue. Feels natural and really helps." WE, Farham (7th Mar 2022)
"I am 69 & she is 64 and we are still doing it! But we could not do it without you. " NM, Hampshire (6th Mar 2022)
"Although I'm menopausal and had read about dryness I didn't realise such products exist. After trying a sample sachet I couldn't believe the instant relief I felt after using VM. Fantastic!" TR, Reading (5th Mar 2022)
"Yes makes sex possible. We'd be done otherwise." FG, Glasgow (4th Mar 2022)
"I have been using YES products for years. They are wonderful." ER, Yeovil (3rd Mar 2022)
"It has been helpful compared to prescribed medication." PH, Essex (2nd Mar 2022)
"Works for me. Bought some a couple of years ago and it's lasted for ages." PO, Marlborough (1st Mar 2022)
"Amazing for vaginal health after hysterectomy. Makes intimacy a pleasure. I use a dab daily. Amazing product and NOT irritating. Answer to prayer for us." FT, Brazil (28th Feb 2022)
"Used this before and have not suffered any irritations. Feels very natural to my own moisture." LD, Oxford (27th Feb 2022)
"I like that it isn't tacky and feels natural." AW, Warwick (26th Feb 2022)
"It has really helped to improve my well being " DT, Tottenham (25th Feb 2022)
"It is the only product that has given relief. Thank you" CL, Kingston (24th Feb 2022)
"I am a happy and repeat customer. I have tried, but found nothing like the Yes products (the double-glide system) for ease of use and effectiveness. " AM, Godalming (23rd Feb 2022)
"So wonderful to enjoy intimate times with my husband. We have been married 57 years, but now we can enjoy it like when we were younger " RN, Seaton (22nd Feb 2022)
"I have been using the moisturizer for about a week. What a difference! I am already ordering more , fearing I might run out. I have had an occasion to email with customer service and they were very prompt to answer and were helpful as well. " WK, Newquay (21st Feb 2022)
"It helps with vaginal dryness caused by medication following breast cancer " TC, Horsham (20th Feb 2022)
"I was very happy was my 1st purchase a while back and after getting more intimate with my partner again, I remembered how much these products have helped me feel more relaxed in my body to be able to enjoy and not feel so tense, it has helped sex be more enjoyable and not so painful. " GD, Penrith (19th Feb 2022)
"Your customer service has been great when I have emailed with questions! " GA, Oban (18th Feb 2022)
"A really great natural product much better than anything else. The VM and WB both magic for dryness and atrophy " PN, New Forest (17th Feb 2022)
"Great products, thank you! Made sex less painful and stopped me from getting thrush. " ER, Bracknell (16th Feb 2022)
"much better than alternatives that I have tried. " FO, Somerset (15th Feb 2022)
"Love the foam wash, no irritation what so ever, brilliant. " BR, Birmingham (14th Feb 2022)
"Makes sex enjoyable instead of putting it off because u know it is going to hurt. " KW, Blackpool (13th Feb 2022)
"Excellent customer support when I had an enquiry, complementary samples helped me decide if the product was suitable for me. " YB, Canada (12th Feb 2022)
"I have an extremely sensitive vulva, everything irritates it and leaves it dry. I came upon Yes by accident on Google, I decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did, the gentle foam was great on my vulva area without ANY irritation. Plus, Yes left my intimate area moisturized. I would recommend this product to any woman. Thank you Yes! " CN, Cardiff (11th Feb 2022)
"It works. My girlfriend feels less discomfort during sex while using this product. " TL, Portsmouth (10th Feb 2022)
"The Yes products complement a vaginal stretching programme to allow me to have intercourse that is no longer painful " RN, Redditch (9th Feb 2022)
"Life changing I have used VM applicators for nearly a year and now have a pain free comfortable sex life. Also just sitting in normal life feels more comfortable. The burning sensation has gone. " MK, Crawley (8th Feb 2022)
"Great products. Having discovered how many products contain harmful chemicals, I was happy to find something that I feel confident is not contributing to any problems with my health " IM, Windsor (7th Feb 2022)
"As a menopausal woman I love it 10 out of 10 makes sex pleasurable again and vagina and vulva friendly and that's really important for women of all ages " HD, Dover (6th Feb 2022)
"Good to feel that I am using natural products which enhance rather than interfere with nature. " MM, Salisbury (5th Feb 2022)
"Ordered previously - you are my go to for dryness " NH, Devon (4th Feb 2022)
"Love the OB texture. It's most 'human'! " PH, Liverpool (3rd Feb 2022)
"LOVE your products. Very helpful after BC. Reassuringly natural and works wonders. Thank you! " OB, Weybridge (2nd Feb 2022)
"Your products allow me to manage my health problems without the use of hormonal drugs. Thank you. " AH, Cumbria (1st Feb 2022)
"Good to have something natural without harmful and possibly irritating chemicals " JW, Inverness (31st Jan 2022)
"Thank you, I'm so pleased to have found a UK company, founded by women, understands menopausal symptoms, and that uses natural ingredients! " JK, Wiltshire (30th Jan 2022)
"Absolutely brilliant after getting thrush from products containing glycerine. " ND, Switzerland (29th Jan 2022)
"Very happy with it. Has transformed my sex life as it is no longer painful. Plus I love that it is good for me! " DO, Oxford (28th Jan 2022)
"Finally a company that seems to understand menopausal women. " SK, Manchester (27th Jan 2022)
"Thank you for this wonderful product It helps me live a normal life " KE, Bodmin (26th Jan 2022)
"The best lubricant I have ever used. I have vaginismus and Yes OB has helped me so much. " IR, Reading (25th Jan 2022)
"Changed my life and enhanced my sexual experience. " PL, Plymouth (24th Jan 2022)
"YES. VM is the best lubricant ever. Thank you for making (and keeping) your products glycerine free. " MH, Essex (23rd Jan 2022)
"At age 68 this product - VM has turned my life around. No more painful dryness and a return to intimacy that I thought was gone for good. Thank you. " DI, Ipswich (22nd Jan 2022)
"I used this in 2012-13 with great success. I'm back because it was the best. I was reminded by Dr Newson on youtube! " SL, Surrey (21st Jan 2022)
"My wife has enjoyed excellent experiences so far over last 5years! " ND, Australia (20th Jan 2022)
"Using Yes. has given me a way to balance my desire for pleasure and intimacy with my need to care for my health. Very empowering. And a huge relief as well. Very appreciative of this company's contribution to women." DL, Yorkshire (19th Jan 2022)
"Gone back to using Yes products after a break and so wished I had carried on using it. Thank you for helping my condition which has got so bad that I went to see a gynaecologist who out me on Vagifem but I did not get on with it and it desperation I remembered using your products a few years ago .I have been using your VM regularly and occasionally WB over the last three weeks and have noticed a difference already. Thank you so much and hoping this will continue help ease the distress I have been in. Bless you all. " KS, Salford (18th Jan 2022)
"Brilliant products. Well worth the money. Try them. You won't be disappointed! " LM, Bristol (17th Jan 2022)
"Best stuff ever!!!! Long time customer. I do not know what I would do without you guys. " KW, New Zealand (16th Jan 2022)
"Yes VM is the only product that my snowflake can tolerate. Without Yes VM, I would be miserable every day. I'm 55 years old and estrogen is not an option for me. Thank you for developing this product!!! " AM, Dorset (15th Jan 2022)
"Easy to order, I'm never disappointed. Also customer service is outstanding. " HN, Northampton (14th Jan 2022)
"It really works, thank you ever so much " LY, Kingston (13th Jan 2022)
"Please do not stop making this wonderful product. Thank you. " TT, Suffolk (12th Jan 2022)
"It is the best lubricant I have tried " PK, Norfolk (11th Jan 2022)
"Your products have helped me tremendously both to just feel better as well as helping me enjoy sex without pain. " NR, Bath (10th Jan 2022)
"This is the best lubricant I've tried. Maintains friction and doesn't cause irritation. " DD, Kent (9th Jan 2022)
"Love it! can't have sex without it. 64 year old newlyweds " GP, Tottenham (8th Jan 2022)
"I had to stop using hormone pessary due to breast cancer and YES has been a great replacement, in fact I find it better to use " KA, Alfold (7th Jan 2022)
" The vaginal moisturiser, I can't rate it enough, transformed how I was feeling down there.. must buy, highly recommend. " HW, London (6th Jan 2022)
" Love your products! I am so sensitive, and your products have made such a difference in my life! " MA, Burton Bradstock (5th Jan 2022)
"Your product was recommended by my breast cancer nurse. It is a wonderful product " DH, Chester (4th Jan 2022)
"Good reliable product. " RU, Tunbridge Wells (3rd Jan 2022)
"I am post menopausal and suffer with vaginal dryness and have had Vulvodynia for 15 years. I love Yes WB as it seems to relieve all the discomfort I feel and makes life worth living again. " TL, Lulworth (2nd Jan 2022)
"Previous products caused burning and can make you feel miserable. The YES VM product is absolute relief! No pain now " SW, Cambridge (1st Jan 2022)
"They are great products that have changed my life when it comes to daily intimate comfort levels " BN, Nutley (31st Dec 2021)
"With out YES, my 39 yrs with my husband, we would not have intimate times. So grateful for this product. " RW, Reading (30th Dec 2021)
"It is just such a great product. Since the menopause I have suffered dreadfully from vaginal atrophy and urinary tract infections. This product as solved it all. I do use it more than every three days though. It really is a life changer I cannot recommend this enough. " NT, Tottenham (29th Dec 2021)
"The products do what they say. I'm extremely happy to have stumbled upon this product. Highly recommended. " NE, Nottingham (28th Dec 2021)
"My husband and I agree that our sex lives would have come to a non sticky end about 10 years aqo without our discovery of Yes OB! It's amazing! " DB, Birmingham (27th Dec 2021)
"Great product and provides a lot of relief to my vaginal dryness symptoms so that I can get on with every day living discomfort free. " DG, Inverness (26th Dec 2021)
"I am completely satisfied with this product after searching high and low for a product that did not cause me anymore vaginal irritation. " BO, New Zealand (25th Dec 2021)
"It has changed my life and support me to manage my condition, without this I would have had to use nasty steroidal creams which long term are not ideal. " AK, Warrington (24th Dec 2021)
"I have used Yes since entering the menopause and find the quality consistant, velvety smooth and a good price tag for such an excellent product. Love the offers too. " DP, Sydney (23rd Dec 2021)
"Regularly using your products has greatly improved my sex life - sex not painful anymore with my husband 🙂 thank you! " LY, Esher (22nd Dec 2021)
"Excellent products eased my problems and without all the irritants from other products. Does what it says on the tube/carton etc. Long may your products be available/supported. I advertise them when I can in hospitals/doctors etc. " RS, Salisbury (21st Dec 2021)
"Best products on the market. They really have made difference to my life, I was in so much discomfort before finding Yes " DM, Yorkshire (20th Dec 2021)
"Bloomin excellent. I have tried various products to deal with post menopausal vaginal dryness and Yes is definitely the very best. " DW, Dudley (19th Dec 2021)
"These are products that work. Way better than any prescription drugs my doctor has prescribed. " IN, Southampton (18th Dec 2021)
"Yes is the only product that works for me. I have tried all the others. Yes has saved me from years of misery. Thank you. " ZH, Cambridge (17th Dec 2021)
"It is simply the best product range their is for both health and pleasure! Thank you " RE, Ealing (16th Dec 2021)
"Yes has saved my sex life. It solved the problems I had since menopause, absolutely fabulous products. " PB, Norwich (15th Dec 2021)
"Yes I love it. Thank you for existing. I loudly recommend your products to anyone who mentions "discomfort" about "down there" " LW, Woolwich (14th Dec 2021)
"I generally have sensitive skin and react to all sorts of creams and so I am very pleased to be able to use your moisturizer without any side effects. " AN, Ipswich (13th Dec 2021)
"Just amazing and life changing. Feel comfortable and normal again. " AH, Milton Keynes (12th Dec 2021)
"Fantastic product pre, during and post menopause. " SM, Farnham (11th Dec 2021)
"Great to use and no side effects " FG, Bristol (10th Dec 2021)
"Yes products have made such a difference to my sex life. " ND, London (9th Dec 2021)
"Yes VM has turned the clock back for my intimate health and sexual pleasure" DL, Kent (8th Dec 2021)
"The only lubricant I have found that does not gum up, get sticky, dry up, or irritate my skin. It is great!" FL, (7th Dec 2021)
"Just the best product ever" PP, Merseyside (6th Dec 2021)
"Amazing and gentle long lasting relief from dryness." IS, Dundee (5th Dec 2021)
"Best vaginal lubricant ever! Discreet and easy to use. Never messy. No taste. Natural texture. Not gooey. " NG, Glasgow (4th Dec 2021)
"It has helped tremendously! My regular gynaecologist gave me other samples and the products were thick and gross, but Yes is so natural feeling. Thank you for this product!!!" NM, Stoke on Trent (3rd Dec 2021)
"Great Products. I'm a customer for life!" OS, Salisbury (2nd Dec 2021)
"I used to get so many yeast infections after having intercourse. The frequency of yeast infections went down drastically after we started using this product. " RT, Somerset (1st Dec 2021)
"I love it and so do my lady bits!" LI, Wiltshire (30th Nov 2021)
"First time used and only for first day but already relieved some of the itching and discomfort" MI, Warrington (29th Nov 2021)
"Definitely helps post traumatic birth injury" GP, Thurrock (28th Nov 2021)
"Absolutely wonderful Products especially the VM & Cleanser - I could NOT live without them now! To ALL The YES Team.... THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME !!!! xxx" DA, Shropshire (27th Nov 2021)
"The OB has literally been a life saver." SA, Poole (26th Nov 2021)
" I have super sensitive skin and had trouble finding a product that did not cause sensitivity (in the wrong way!) I have tried many other lubricants but yours is by far the best. Thank you for creating this very helpful product!!" IB, Rutland (25th Nov 2021)
"I have been using the VM for a few months and love the difference it has made to my vaginal health and therefore my sexual experiences!" AL, Peterborough (24th Nov 2021)
"I bought the WB and it has made intercourse so much more enjoyable! Plus, I can use it discretely an hour before and it is still there when I need it. " VD, Milton Keynes (23rd Nov 2021)
"The only product that does not burn." MR, Luton (22nd Nov 2021)
"Been using this product for over 10 years Fantastic products Fabulous 10 years of fun" FS, Isle of Wight (21st Nov 2021)
"No more pain or awkwardness" TR, Halton (20th Nov 2021)
"Only used for 3 days and all ready feeling so much better!" NM, Darlington (19th Nov 2021)
"I love your products and recommend them regularly to other women. No odour, no taste, like nature." TN, Harrow (18th Nov 2021)
"Your products have helped make intimacy with my partner possible. What a relief and a joy! " HD, Cirencester (17th Nov 2021)
"Great product. I recommend to my patients having cancer treatment and post treatment " PO, Inverness (16th Nov 2021)
"I am really pleased with this product and it helps immensely when having sex. " WL, Penrith (15th Nov 2021)
"I was getting thrush from products containing glycerin but have had no problems with Yes products - love them and would highly recommend. " SM, Manchester (14th Nov 2021)
"I have post menopause vaginal atrophy and without YES products I would not have a sex life. Thank you YES! " CN, Ludlow (13th Nov 2021)
"Feel very reassured about using your products as they are organic with no chemicals etc. Have now been able to stop using a hormonal cream - so no more drugs! " LW, Weston Super Mare (12th Nov 2021)
"Many thanks for making the best vaginal moisturiser on the market; I wouldn't use anything else. " HB, Somerset (11th Nov 2021)
"It's transformed my sex life! I was living with day to day discomfort in my vagina that OBGYNs could not offer any explanation for, and that OTC remedies weren't touching. It has taken all the discomfort away and made sex extremely pleasurable. So grateful. " LT, Bude (10th Nov 2021)
"Excellent product both in terms of personal advantage and ethical issues " RP, Rickmansworth (9th Nov 2021)
"Wonderful renaissance of sex life! " OF, Bridport (8th Nov 2021)
"Much better than anything else in the shops. " IR, Caterham (7th Nov 2021)
"I've yet to have a bad experience with the product, and I am super sensitive to various ingredients, due to a previous severe chemical/allergic reaction to chlorine (from a pool), so it's extremely hard to find something that doesn't cause pain for me. I love this product. " ND, St Ives (6th Nov 2021)
"Yes VM has been life changing. I'm a 56 year old menopausal and are going through without HRT. I struggled with vaginal dryness which was detrimental to my sex life. After using yes VM I immediately felt better even just sitting and doing every day activities etc. Also Vm absorbs quite quickly so you don't feel sticky and messy Thank you Yes " RN, Cheshire (5th Nov 2021)
"I have used your products for a while now, and i wouldn't be without them. " PZ, Selsey (4th Nov 2021)
"Been using the water based moisturiser for years and love it! " MH, Essex (3rd Nov 2021)
"I have had great customer support and I love the VM! Simple the one and best I have used! " RN, Walton on Thames (2nd Nov 2021)
"Been using your product for 10 years and love it.....There is nothing in the marketplace like it. " SW, Guildford (1st Nov 2021)
"Yes VM helps so much so I can function better. " FP, Cardiff (31st Oct 2021)
"It's the most magnificent moisturiser I've ever known " SB, Dudley (30th Oct 2021)
"This is a fantastic product, I am very sensitive to most things but this causes no irritation at all, I highly recommend. " TE, Ealing (29th Oct 2021)
"The VM & WB lubricant are the only products on the market that made it possible for me to have sex without pain with my husband after my hysterectomy. Love it ! " MD, The Midlands (28th Oct 2021)
"Saved all my problems with U T I s. was prescribed hrt vaginal pessaries but do not need them when using this. " SK, Donnington (27th Oct 2021)
"Excellent products. Don't know what I would have done without them. " CB, Coventry (26th Oct 2021)
"Excellent products would definitely recommend " NM, Birmingham (25th Oct 2021)
"This has been a god send and has given me me back my confidence to continue having a healthy sex life " AN, Liverpool (24th Oct 2021)
"Used these products for years, only things that have given relief from menopausal dryness " DD, Emsworth (23rd Oct 2021)
"Very pleased with results causes no adverse reactions. " YL, Warminster (22nd Oct 2021)
"This reduced my need for hormonal pessaries, which, let's face it, reduced the risk of cancer, however small. What a blessing. " PG, Chichester (21st Oct 2021)
"I have used yes after being diagnosed with Lichen Schlerosis and it has changed my experience when having sex. " FS, Salcombe (20th Oct 2021)
"This product literally saved my 23 year relationship... " AO, Plymouth (19th Oct 2021)
"No more painful sex. I will buy this product for years " GW, Dundee (18th Oct 2021)
"Great products and customer service! " DS, Swindon (17th Oct 2021)
"Makes a huge positive difference. " GL, Kingston (16th Oct 2021)
"It is really good for my menopausal vaginal dryness " HN, Aberdeen (15th Oct 2021)
"The cleansing foam has stopped any redness or itchiness that I had before using your product. I am absolutely thrilled. Up until now I thought it was just one of those things I had learned to live with. " RW, Devizes (14th Oct 2021)
"The product range is wonderful and with the added benefit of piece of mind that they are kind to my body! " IT, Tottenham (13th Oct 2021)
"My wife thinks your VM, is first class. " CN, Croydon (12th Oct 2021)
"Yes has really changed everything when I go for smears nurse can't believe it " BS, Harrow (11th Oct 2021)
"Life-changing for someone living with vulvodynia. " FM, Marlborough (10th Oct 2021)
"Bought it for my wife to help her discomfort and she says it really helps relieve her symptoms down there after trying a myriad of other products. So I am buying it for her again before she runs out. " DM, Grimsby (9th Oct 2021)
"Ordered before and an outstanding product for post menopausal, very sensitive women. " GN, Glasgow (8th Oct 2021)
"Love your products, they work great and I love the classy neutral packaging. Thank you!!! " ER, Reading (7th Oct 2021)
"I use WB it is better than others I have tried an it is natural and ethical which is very important to me " SD, Duneaton (6th Oct 2021)
"The best vaginal moisturiser compared to other brands that I have tried! Thank God for this product!!! " DC, Ipswich (5th Oct 2021)
"It's really great and I now recommend to patients also " DD, Warwick (4th Oct 2021)
"Helped me so much, I was diagnosed with severe vaginal atrophy and these products have made a massive difference to my life as it removes the feeling if dryness & pain. " AL, London (3rd Oct 2021)
"This OB product really has helped with easing the burning due to menopause. " FN, Falmouth (2nd Oct 2021)
"It's always a positive experience ordering from and receiving my goods from Yes. They are a heart led business that cares about it's customers in a genuine way. " TN, Norwich (1st Oct 2021)
"I went over five years with painful sex too embarrassed to see a doctor or ask for help. Finally I talked with a specialist and she recommended Yes! It is absolutely amazing. The pain is gone, dryness is gone. You can truly tell and feel the difference. We use VM and WB as lube. And I just ordered OB, excited to try it! I will happily order this stuff for the rest of my life. " MY, Oxford (30th Sep 2021)
"Better than KY " LM, Epsom (29th Sep 2021)
"This is the only product I have found that does not have any adverse effects after using it. " AH, Waterlooville (28th Sep 2021)
"The oil based lubricants are gentle on my very dry skin conditions. " YM, Vancouver (27th Sep 2021)
"The VM is wonderful post breast cancer treatment. " LD, Peterborough (26th Sep 2021)
"Excellent product. the only one that does the job in all ways, lubrication, pleasure, long-lasting, tasteless and odourless, water based, smooth, cleans up easily. My husband loves the oil based product, too. " SI, St Ives (25th Sep 2021)
"I have been using Yes for many years now and have NEVER had a single issue with it!! It simply does what it should and none of what it shouldn't!! " SM, Farnham (24th Sep 2021)
"It is the best! It makes shower and water sex amazing. " SW, Southampton (23rd Sep 2021)
"Very economical Seems to be alleviating dryness " JW, Fleet (22nd Sep 2021)
"The product has never failed. The oils are always clean, and not rancid or spoiled. The small travel size is all I will buy, and I have them with me everywhere. The price is good for the quality, and the quality is above the rest! Thanks and keep up the good work! " HD, Crewe (21st Sep 2021)
"We tried many lubricants, but Yes is the only lubricant that does not cause a burning sensation for my wife who went through menopause in her late 30's. " LN, Lulworth (20th Sep 2021)
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes VM changed my life, really!! " PF, Portsgrove (19th Sep 2021)
"I have used VM for a few years now and can't live without it. After two lots of chemotherapy and radiotherapy I suffer with dryness and burning. I use it every day and it helps a great deal. " HW, Suffolk (18th Sep 2021)
"Bought a sample box to try . Already buying again . Lovely feel to product . Immediate relief " NA, Ipswich (17th Sep 2021)
"I do not know how I lived before I used your wash. It is so gentle on delicate torn skin. It never burns or is drying. It is a fantastic product! " EB, Yeovil (16th Sep 2021)
"This product completely eliminated very painful labial spasms I was beginning to develop due to vaginal dryness. Thanks for developing this product and having periodic sales so I can continue to use it! So grateful for the pain relief within a matter of days after first use! " TC, Colchester (15th Sep 2021)
"Best lube I have ever used. Used to suffer with painful sex until I discovered yes! So thankful " MM, London (14th Sep 2021)
"I love all the products I have used and would recommend them wholeheartedly. " LS, Manchester (13th Sep 2021)
"Like the fact it is a natural product, and not loaded with lots of unpleasant chemicals. " KR, Kingston (12th Sep 2021)
"This is THE best lubricant ever! Have told my obgyn female doctor and she said she would tell others as well " DB, Birmingham (11th Sep 2021)
"Saved my marriage, AND is the only lubricant I've tried (of many) that prevents recurring UTIs " LF, Dudley (10th Sep 2021)
"No burning, pain, or UTIs after using it... thank you! " RW, Warwickshire (9th Sep 2021)
"Has made a huge difference to our sex lives - it feels natural and comfortable again. " NG, Nottingham (8th Sep 2021)
"I love the YES products because they are non irritating and I have tried many and found that the YES products work the best and so natural. " PH, New Forest (7th Sep 2021)
"The best ever! Not sticky and no bad taste! Really is great. " KL, Salisbury (6th Sep 2021)
"These are awesome products! They've made such a difference! " PS, Plymouth (5th Sep 2021)
"After 3 miserable years suffering daily discomfort and being prescribed a number of different creams from the doctor a family member advised that her gynaecologist had suggested checking out the Yes website. The VM has literally changed my life overnight and I cannot understand why doctors do not widely recommend this simple solution. I will be forever grateful. " IR, Inverness (4th Sep 2021)
"The fact that both types now come in applicators (for me) as well as normal tubes (for him) is fantastic. WB by itself was no longer coping with the side effects of Breast cancer medication. Having just tried the double glide method using both types, WB and OB, together, I feel there is still hope! " DS, Salford (3rd Sep 2021)
"I couldn't recommend it enough! I have been using since I have my first child and thank god for that! super easy use, no sticky or any kind of allergic reaction...defo recommend it for dryness " JN, Farringdon (2nd Sep 2021)
"My favourite product! I recommend it regularly! " HK, Langport (1st Sep 2021)
"I loved i could chat and get the right one " OG, Kettering (30th Aug 2021)
"We had used a popular flavoured lube and both of us had terrible skin reactions. We weren't sure where to turn next and were not sure which brands might cause another reaction. Glad YES! was there " IT, Ilminster (29th Aug 2021)
"I've used YES Personal Lubricant for years for dryness and atrophy following radiation treatment. It gave pretty good relief, but only for awhile. With YES VM all my discomfort was immediately relieved, and I don't have to reapply it each day. Much better! I'd like to see it available in a larger size. " LF, Hartlepool (28th Aug 2021)
"No side effects which is marvellous! " RE, Goole (27th Aug 2021)
"Love this product - it works and it's all organic and natural ingredients. Haven't found anything close that works as well. Thank you! " BS, Gateshead (26th Aug 2021)
"I choose this product because it is natural with no additives " BW, Felixstowe (25th Aug 2021)
"This past year I was diagnosed with vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulitis. I am currently going through the process of at home physical therapy with dilators. This lubricant has really helped my pain symptoms lower when using them. " GF, Evesham (24th Aug 2021)
"I found Yes listed in a medical pubnet review of vaginal products and their Ph and osmolality. Yes stood out as a good product. " NS, Dewsbury (23rd Aug 2021)
"Amazing products which really work! No embarrassing residue! I recommend Yes to all my friends. " SC, Dartmouth (22nd Aug 2021)
"Thank you for creating a natural product that helps alleviate post menopausal symptoms. " CB, Clevedon (21st Aug 2021)
"The only lubricant I am not allergic to! " DE, Bedford (20th Aug 2021)
"It is the only thing that helps me and I have tried many and spent way too much on products I could not tolerate. " LR, Sheffield (19th Aug 2021)
"I am 5 years into the menopause and intercourse had become impossible due to the extreme vaginal dryness, which meant that it was very painful and I tore nearly every time. I have been using Yes Yes Yes for a year now and it has enabled us to get our love life back on track, which I thought would never happen. Great natural products that really do work. " LL, Perth (18th Aug 2021)
"So glad I found YES , the products have changed my life (am 56 going thru menopause) . applicators are easy to use, can be used discreetly beforehand, so that sex is not interrupted . has made me feel young and sexy again. husband also very pleased with the level of lubrication and my renewed enthusiasm for sex " HN, Rotherham (17th Aug 2021)
"Knowing it is natural and does not contain any hormones gives me peace of mind. " MO, Dorking (16th Aug 2021)
"It changed my life. I love it and would recommend it to anyone. Particularly good for post cancer treatment as it is as natural and safe as possible. After lots of cancer treatment and a sudden chemically induced menopause and associated dryness etc etc plus dealing with a mastectomy and bowel resection I thought sex was just never going to happen for me and my husband again and I had only just turned 40. Yes has been brilliant and we use it every time now and it made sex/pleasure possible again. Thank you. " SB, Milton Keynes (15th Aug 2021)
"Makes all the difference. Renders what had become a fairly tortuous experience, with the foreboding of subsequent discomfort, irritation, infection, to one that you can enjoy with confidence " RB, Birmingham (14th Aug 2021)
"Just absolutely love your products. I have such sensitive skin, and allergies, and I have a lot of concerns about what is going INSIDE my body. You deliver on all of it. Having dryness in your early twenties SUCKS! You changed the sex game for me and just every day comfort! No more tearing ! I have only tried the moisturizer so far and I am hooked. I am buying a whole wack to try and I am really looking forward to it. Thank you for your product. Seriously. Thank you. " PM, Blackpool (13th Aug 2021)
"It is easy to use, without causing any unwanted stickiness. It is helpful for lubricating both the penis and the labia and vagina. " DT, Richmond (12th Aug 2021)
"I have shared Yes with so many friends, it is wonderfully comforting we no longer feel abnormal " HE, Huntingdon (11th Aug 2021)
"AMAZING! Long-lasting, effective, ZERO irritation (rare for me). Yay! " TS, Totnes (10th Aug 2021)
"Used this product before. Its only thing that works " IB, Bradford (9th Aug 2021)
"Made such an amazing difference " NN, Swansea (8th Aug 2021)
"Recommended by my GP to help vaginal dryness. It works. " KO, Beer (7th Aug 2021)
"Using Yes oil based products saved my marriage, after having Ovarian Cancer. We didn't have a sex life till I used Yes applicators. " PD, Nottingham (6th Aug 2021)
"The best and the staff are great as well, Thank you " NF, Dulwich (5th Aug 2021)
"These products are an integral part of our sex life as I have vaginal atrophy. The products are lovely to use and have enhanced our lives. " SH, Poole (4th Aug 2021)
"Excellent products and service " TD, Buckingham (3rd Aug 2021)
"Tried once and now cannot live without it! " WL, Bude (2nd Aug 2021)
"Fantastic product - it has changed my life " DR, Dudley (1st Aug 2021)
"Best and only product that has EVER worked for me. Everything else causes me issues of some sort. This is the closest to natural as I can get! Thank you!!! " CG, East Sussex (31st Jul 2021)
"Have bought the applicator form of Yes VM from you and is proving to be my saviour, stopping my underneath from being itchy and sore. Using the gel for the days in between using the applicator " TT, Lyme Regis (30th Jul 2021)
"Awesome product and started getting excellent results after the first use and continue to have healing. " KT, The Cotswolds (29th Jul 2021)
"Love the individual applicators I give them to my clients to try... " NH, Peterborough (28th Jul 2021)
"It feels very natural on the skin! Best lube ever! " MT, Surrey (27th Jul 2021)
"Amazing product, truly saved my life. I was in so much discomfort and pain and only chanced on this product by accident. " CP, Gosport (26th Jul 2021)
"I use both YES WB and YES OB. The YES OB Lubricates longer. I am 80 years old my husband 10 years younger and we both appreciate your products. Also like the fact they are tasteless and odourless. So a BIG THANKYOU from both of us. " WF, Midlands (25th Jul 2021)
"Wonderful! After many years of suffering from dyspareunia I can now enjoy sex again (at 70) with my husband of 50 years (who thinks all his Xmases have come at once 😀 ) Thank you so much! XOX " GF, Cirencester (24th Jul 2021)
"Ah Yes OB has helped me to feel like my old self again. " RB, Newcastle (23rd Jul 2021)
"I also read about your products in the book, The Menopause Manifest by Dr. Jen Gunter " PK, Bury St Edmonds (22nd Jul 2021)
"Purity of product and privacy guaranteed. Thank you. " JM, Suffolk (21st Jul 2021)
"Best lubricant we have used, silky and natural. Lasts ages and soaks in instead of leaving an unpleasant stickiness " AT, Scunthorpe (20th Jul 2021)
"Your products have allowed my husband and me to return to the great sex of past years. Thank you for making a product with women in mind. Love the applicators! " DH, Essex (19th Jul 2021)
"The only product that l have not experienced any adverse effects. " TI, North Cornwall (18th Jul 2021)
"The only product I have tried that did not burn or cause a yeast infection and it feels great! " KL, Crewe (17th Jul 2021)
"Natural easy product that keeps me comfortable and moist, with no nasty side effects. " RE, Guildford (16th Jul 2021)
"Love the purity and effectiveness of your products. They are the first to cause me no irritation! " KT, New Zealand (15th Jul 2021)
"Yes is a top class product ! Attaining pleasure , pleasure and more pleasure, I am 70, yes of age, have had a hysterectomy and so the yes products are an absolute must have for me. Would recommend to ladies of all ages. An absolute blast! " NW, Northwich (14th Jul 2021)
"Helps to increase pleasure for my wife " ES, Kent (13th Jul 2021)
"Easy to use. Non-sticky. Keeps everything moisturised to prevent infection. Allows sex to be pleasurable again " NA, Bath (12th Jul 2021)
"The only product that works and is non allergic " DH, Manchester (11th Jul 2021)
"This is the best range of lubrications we have used and I particularly like the vaginal moisturiser, as I am sensitive to other brands. " NM, Glasgow (10th Jul 2021)
"Love the wash. Only kind I can use due to issues with fragrances giving me bv. " RK, Kingston Upon Thames (9th Jul 2021)
"Absolutely the best with all natural ingredients " BJ, Edinburgh (8th Jul 2021)
"The most natural products that I have ever found, I don't have any irritation during sex " MA, Aldwich (7th Jul 2021)
"Fantastic! Without my YES products I would not be able to have intercourse with my husband. A real life saver. " NH, Harrow (6th Jul 2021)
"Superb products I use Yes VM cleanser and moisturiser and go as far as to say it is life changing " LW, Hampshire (5th Jul 2021)
"The products are superb - I would never use any other. " BF, Farlington (4th Jul 2021)
"Cool, non sticky and comfortable lubricant for both of us as we are both post cancer treatment. " RS, Reading (3rd Jul 2021)
"Truly amazing product. Since using product condition now settled and I would never be without YES OB. Thank you so much. " BB, Bexhill-on-sea (2nd Jul 2021)
"A life saver, even though I am on HRT I cannot do without VM " RE, Epping (1st Jul 2021)
"Much happier with this product than those one can purchase at chemists/pharmacies " DN, Ealing (30th Jun 2021)
"I LOVE that you are organic and natural. Had so many things go wrong with my health and it is really important to me that I can have something this intimate to be as natural as possible. thank you so so much . " WL, Cleveland (29th Jun 2021)
"Have used the WB product for years and am now trying the OB product. I find the product(s) have better sustainability than OTC ones. " LI, Ludlow (28th Jun 2021)
"Great product for me it has made my life more comfortable while waiting to attend the prolapse clinic " IN, Penrith (27th Jun 2021)
"Best products I have used and has stopped vaginal dryness, thrush and soreness using soaps etc. thanks " OP, Oxford (26th Jun 2021)
"Hello again! I was so inspired by your customer service, that I decided to leave a more detailed review because I think it’s important your customers really know how different your product is . Please for free to use it if you wish. YES WB is simply the best personal lubricant we have ever used bar none! We are a couple who have been using YES WB for years and it’s the only person lubricant we would ever use. Several years ago, my wife experienced dryness during intercourse, thus started the search to find the perfect lubricant. It turned out to be an arduous journey. Many lubricants either irritated, were too tacky, or too slippery (believe it or not, if it’s too slippery, there is reduced sensation and it feels completely unnatural). We started an Internet search reading articles from gynecologist etc. and YES WB kept being recommended, so we decided to try it. All we can say is YES! The search was over. YES WB found the sweet spot (literally) that feels the most natural, with the most sensation, like nature intended, with no tackiness or irritation. It’s simply perfect in every way and like nothing else we have tried. It has the perfect consistency (like the real thing), with no scent or even taste. We have been using it for years and we will never use anything else. It has completely enhanced our sex life and has us literally saying Yes,Yes,Yes! So the name is perfect! When it comes to personal lubricants, just say YES! " DD, Leicester (25th Jun 2021)
"Excellent products that work - never change a successful formula as I am a loyal customer. " SA, Salford (24th Jun 2021)
"VM has helped me when I thought there was no help out there. " WB, Bembridge (23rd Jun 2021)
"Brilliant product, cannot manage without it " NH, Essex (22nd Jun 2021)
"Excellent product. My wife has various allergies. The Yes WB range is perfect " WN, Warwick (21st Jun 2021)
"We have used your products for a few years now. My wife was getting irritation using "off the shelf" lubricant so we looked around and found YES and haven`t looked back " TI, Liverpool (20th Jun 2021)
"Have used YES products for a number of years, they are invaluable! Thank you!! " UT, Utah (19th Jun 2021)
"I've recommended you to about 5 women and all of them call three weeks later to say thank you, what a find. You are literally changing women's lives! " LF, IOW (18th Jun 2021)
"I just love it! The OB is such a wonderful lubricant and works brilliantly as a massage oil. Thank you. x " KD, Donnington (17th Jun 2021)
"The products I use because of necessity are the best that I have tried. Have rarely experienced any problems ordering and on the one occasion I did it was rectified very quickly. " JN, Lancashire (16th Jun 2021)
"It has changed my life. The dryness was literally unbearable " SC, Norfolk (15th Jun 2021)
"I have recently been diagnosed with LS and your products have given me hope that this condition can be managed. " AL, York (14th Jun 2021)
"Used a few others and this actually gives us pain free sex, which is brilliant! " PR, Tottenham (13th Jun 2021)
"The best lubricant I've tried. Has solved the problem caused by the menopause without the use of hormones. Very pleased I have found this product. " EL, Shropshire (12th Jun 2021)
"An incredible product, that I have used for a few years I think. Definitely 10/10 " NB, Merseyside (11th Jun 2021)
"Gives the best natural pleasure possible. " IS, Ipswich (10th Jun 2021)
"It revolutionised my life " IM, Reigate (9th Jun 2021)
"I have been using this product for several years. It is easy to use discreetly and feels like natural lubricant prior to the menopause. It is very natural, without smell so easy to use it discreetly, and has made it possible to enjoy sex again after the menopause. " LM, Marlborough (8th Jun 2021)
"Brilliant so helpful when could not have a smear recently spent 2 weeks using VM product and returned and no problems and same again with recent hysteroscopy and prepared for 2 weeks beforehand fantastic product " SO, Kent (7th Jun 2021)
"Have been following since entering a competition on My Menopausal Vagina! And realising it's not just your face that needs moisturising! " WN, Southampton (6th Jun 2021)
"Amazing products, so happy I have found this lifeline. " GF, Dudley (5th Jun 2021)
"I am a women's health physio and use YES for my patients for examinations. LOVE the product 🙂 " ER, Ealing (4th Jun 2021)
"Excellent products and I love the fact they are organic and do not contain parabens and glycerine etc. Also products are in easy individual applicators. Prefer these to the large tubes. " JM, Chichester (3rd Jun 2021)
"Brilliant product, better than anything else I have used. No stinging and better than that, it worked just really, really well. The double glide is the way to go 🙂 " BH, Harrow (2nd Jun 2021)
"Fabulous products, wish I had found them earlier. Before Yes, I had tried other lubricants, always full of perfumes, sticky and often left a burning sensation. Yours are so easy to use, feel natural and take out any anxiety of intimacy when things are not what they were when young! " RI, Tottenham (1st Jun 2021)
"All Women should be made aware of this website! " TT, London (31st May 2021)
"It's just the best a women can get " HG, Glasgow (30th May 2021)
"It has helped us as we get older " SF, Swindon (29th May 2021)
"I have always had great success with these products comfort and confidence " CB, Birmingham (28th May 2021)
"Everything is very well explained and if you call everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful " IL, Oxford (27th May 2021)
"Tried other products - either made me itchy or not lubricant enough. Yes is perfect. Has helped enormously. " SD, Durham (26th May 2021)
"Love companies set up and run by women. Companies based on outcome not income. The ethics that companies like yours are based on and how they treat they are customers is always exemplary. Wish women like you were running the world but for now I am very happy that you are transforming womens lives one by one. Thank you. Ps. Louise Newsome from MenopauseDoctor.co.uk Podcasts is awesome! Think that is how I heard of you... " LY, Surbiton (25th May 2021)
"Works wonderfully without hormones and irritation " ME, Reading (24th May 2021)
"Just glad i heard about you on the Weight loss in menopause summit earlier this year (Jennifer Patrick) " SL, Gloucester (23rd May 2021)
"Just glad i heard about you on the Weight loss in menopause summit earlier this year (Jennifer Patrick) " SL, Gloucester (23rd May 2021)
"Love the WB applicators, completely helped and I am so happy " NM, Rowlands Castle (22nd May 2021)
"Absolutely great lube, best I have ever encountered. Thank you. " PD, Norfolk (21st May 2021)
"Well done for making such a good product! Nice to have something natural and pH balanced " HN, Kingston (20th May 2021)
"I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product. Soreness and irritation a thing of the past. Highly recommend and so much better than anything prescribed. " LE, Lemington Spa (19th May 2021)
"After years without help from doctors for vaginal atrophy after menopause, I found YesYes online and we got our sex life back fully. Can never thank you enough. " NW, Kingston (18th May 2021)
"Following breast cancer I was put on anti oestrogen tablets which increases the symptoms of menopause. I initially bought your products to ease painful sex but then found the additional benefits of using VM which stops all itching and irritation. I also noticed an improvement in bladder control. " WI, Warsaw (17th May 2021)
"I have vulval problems due to Atrophic vaginitis. Yes VM makes a huge difference to my comfort and allows me to walk and run without pain. " WI, Southampton (16th May 2021)
"Very comfortable to use and really helps with dryness caused by hormone blocking medication. I would definitely recommend it. " LB, Suffolk (15th May 2021)
"I have been suffering for over 10 years with soreness and vaginal watery bleeding following cancer treatment. Sex was impossible and despite visits to my GP, who prescribed estrogen pessaries (that made it worse) i was offered no other support or follow up. in desperation as it was getting worse and i could not sit down and going to the toilet was a nightmare, i searched to see what else was out there. 'Yes' has given me my life back. i so wish I had found it earlier! Sex is a step too far for me at the moment, but i am hoping in time i will be brave enough to try it! it is still very much a taboo subject .Thank you so much for bringing this product to the market and changing my life. " WS, Cambridge (14th May 2021)
"I was amazed at the recovery I experienced. I had to stop for while, but getting back to it now. I get bladder infections and my Dr, said being so dry could be a factor. Great product. I tell anyone I know who suffers " AK, Bideford (13th May 2021)
"This product was recommended to me by my oncologist, and it works well. " HL, Ludlow (12th May 2021)
"These products which I have been using for about 2 years have given me relief from pain and it is important to me that they are hormone free. " RC, Banbury (11th May 2021)
"I am so happy my doctor recommended it. I have been using for years now and I tell other women about it!! " WB, Bolton (10th May 2021)
"Fantastic product, no competition comes any where near it " DB, Norwich (9th May 2021)
"I cannot be without it. It has given me stress free days of not worrying about being in pain. " OT, Oxford (8th May 2021)
"Has been good experience. Much better than any other products used. " BD, Bedhampton (7th May 2021)
"Still a newbie but finding my way. Use VM regularly and also have DG for us to improve our love making without being on edge waiting for it to hurt. So glad I found your site " LO, Glasgow (6th May 2021)
"WB VM was life-changing, after 2 very painful years of vaginitis, with nothing working. Then I was lucky to get a very useful recommendation from manager at a Holland & Barrett, who had used Yes VM herself. I have used it since and the vaginitis has not returned. I was curious about the OB VM some years ago but didn't like the smell of the original OB VM and so just continued to use WB. After a conversation with one of your team, I discovered that there was a second OB product in applicators and tried a sample. I preferred the texture of the WB gel as a VM but I then read that the coconut based OB can be used as a moisturiser for outer vaginal area too. This is brilliant and again, quite life-changing, as I sometimes get literally raw and irritated during colder weather with the need for warmer layers around that area. When I read that it was soothing for outer area as well as internally, I thought I would give it a try. It is SO soothing, doesn't feel at all 'sticky' as it soaks in so quickly and lasts for a long time without re-application. I thought an outer vaginal moisturiser was a gap in your provision and have suggested it in the past. Fortunately once I had tried the newer OB VM I discovered that it works perfectly. It might be worth making that aspect of it's use more widely known. Many thanks again. " NM, Lyme Regis (5th May 2021)
"Since buying this product I have a fulfilling sex life without pain and discomfort. I have stopped using vagifem which is a relief as always a bit nervous using them after many years of abnormal cells - all clear now though. " TT, Witterings (4th May 2021)
"Stopped my uncomfortable feeling, which I had to endure for two years. All the recommended creams etc were no use. This is magic. " KU, Chester (3rd May 2021)
"I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product. Soreness and irritation a thing of the past. Highly recommend and so much better than anything prescribed. " ET, Liverpool (2nd May 2021)
"Great, especially OB. No irritation, no perfume, excellent feeling. Well done girls! " FT, Tottenham (1st May 2021)
"I have been using the products for a while now and find them to be the best and most comfortable moisturiser for LS and severe vaginal dryness. " NA, Italy (30th Apr 2021)
"We have actually been using YES for years and are a returning customer. We have been together for 54 years and are in our mid 70s. YES has been in so important in continuing our intimate love life. " JW, Essex (29th Apr 2021)
"I use this in conjunction with Vagifem vaginal inserts and it has enabled me and my husband to resume our sex life as I am no longer in pain from vaginal atrophy. A great product thank you. " LW, Guernsey (28th Apr 2021)
"Recommended by my Cancer Oncologist Doctor, it works very well, it is a pity that it is not more widely known, as it is a superb product. " BG, Somerset (27th Apr 2021)
"After years without help from doctors for vaginal atrophy after menopause, I found YesYes online and we got our sex life back fully. Can never thank you enough. " FW, Devon (26th Apr 2021)
"Following breast cancer I was put on anti oestrogen tablets which increases the symptoms of menopause. I initially bought your products to ease painful sex but then found the additional benefits of using VM which stops all itching and irritation. I also noticed an improvement in bladder control. " TC, Kent (25th Apr 2021)
"I found that VM really helps at night when I seem to suffer most allowing me to get some sleep " GW, Cornwall (24th Apr 2021)
"I have vulval problems due to Atrophic vaginitis. Yes VM makes a huge difference to my comfort and allows me to walk and run without pain. " DH, Bournemouth (23rd Apr 2021)
"Very comfortable to use and really helps with dryness caused by hormone blocking medication. I would definitely recommend it. " SH, Surrey (22nd Apr 2021)
"I have been suffering for over 10 years with soreness and vaginal watery bleeding following cancer treatment. Sex was impossible and despite visits to my GP, who prescribed estrogen pessaries (that made it worse) i was offered no other support or follow up. in desperation as it was getting worse and i could not sit down and going to the toilet was a nightmare, i searched to see what else was out there. 'Yes' has given me my life back. i so wish I had found it earlier! Sex is a step too far for me at the moment, but i am hoping in time i will be brave enough to try it! it is still very much a taboo subject .Thank you so much for bringing this product to the market and changing my life. " ZD, Birmingham (21st Apr 2021)
" I really appreciate the products and have now been using them for a couple of years since perimenopause. I will try to leave a review as from the first time I ordered I found the product life-changing and now tell other female clients about them. Thank you for making these products! " LY, Kingston (20th Apr 2021)
"Much better than OTC remedies. " DR, Harrow (19th Apr 2021)
"This product was recommended to me by my oncologist, and it works well. " MC, Hampshire (18th Apr 2021)
"These products which I have been using for about 2 years have given me relief from pain and it is important to me that they are hormone free. " GO, Moscow (17th Apr 2021)
"I am so happy my doctor recommended it. I have been using for years now and I tell other women about it!! " NJ, Jersey (16th Apr 2021)
"I cannot be without it. It has given me stress free days of not worrying about being in pain. " PS, Warwick (15th Apr 2021)
"Has been good experience. Much better than any other products used. " HW, London (14th Apr 2021)
"My lubricant of choice " DM, Harrogate (13th Apr 2021)
"Life changing! Suddenly sex has become groany from pleasure rather than feeling the barbed wire of 'this is awful'. My husband likes it too! I am hoping that the vaginal moisuriser will eventually kick in and I can start to feel comfortable all the time." DT, Dudley (12th Apr 2021)
"Since using the Yes unfragranced wash it has been one of the best things I have purchased and it is vegan. " RB, Birmingham (11th Apr 2021)
"Such a lifesaver for me over the past 2 years. I really couldnt do without my VM and oil based. Oil based in fantastic for my vulval eczema. " PY, Tottenham (10th Apr 2021)
"This has made such a difference. Sex is so much more comfortable and enjoyable. " NH, Harrow (9th Apr 2021)
"I use this on my psoriasis. It works well. " ER, Swansea (8th Apr 2021)
"I have purchased this product before from your company, it is a great product, I always recommend it to family and friends. " WK, London (7th Apr 2021)
"It is the only water based lube I have found that is compatible with my multiple chemical sensitivities and does not cause me to have any irritation or immune reaction. Thank you!" CS, Yorkshire (6th Apr 2021)
"I like all the products I have used so far, but I definitely have a favourite. YES OB makes sex absolutely awesome and my partner finds it really comfortable too. It is made me more comfortable with sex and got to a point at which I do not necessarily need OB every time. Thank you for taking the anxiety away and making this part of my life fun again. " DA, Liverpool (5th Apr 2021)
"What a difference this product has made to my life which was unbearable thanks to vulvodynia . Now I can sit in comfort and enjoy sex which has never been so good - and I'm 74!!! " FG, Christchurch (4th Apr 2021)
"Thank you for addressing vaginal atrophy so openly and that it can also occur during breastfeeding. That has been very validating to me. " JW, Bristol (3rd Apr 2021)
"This is my third purchase - I really like using the moisturiser. Not sticky at all and tasteless " DR, Church Crookham (2nd Apr 2021)
"Amazing products and staff " BH, Chester (1st Apr 2021)
"I like how this is so good for the body, natural safe ingredients and works just as good if not better than any other lube I or my partner have used" AH, Havant (31st Mar 2021)
"Wonderful product. Bought first time after using a well known thrush cream that left me worse after using it. VM helped soothe the soreness and was back to normal in a few days. Used it ever since to help with dryness. Does not itch, smell or cause problems. Fabulous!" FN, Florence (30th Mar 2021)
"Has been so very helpful - I have suffered from vaginal dryness for over three years and in the end consulted a private oncologist who recommended your product and have used it ever since" WN, Warwick (29th Mar 2021)
"Amazing products!!! Amazing on line people to help and answer my questions quickly. So natural feeling and absolutely no irritation and I am super sensitive to products of the intimate nature." NS, Swindon (28th Mar 2021)
"Life would end without VM - more comfortable overall and makes sex possible." PO, Birmingham (27th Mar 2021)
"I had an early menopause and initially had oral HRT but even with that I began to have dryness and bleeding. I tried all of the vaginal moisturisers on the market but couldn't find one which worked without stinging or burning. My GP diagnosed me with lichen sclerosis and acute vaginitis as I have multiple immune disorders and gave me vaginal oestrogen cream which I used initially with some success. In 2013 I saw an advert for Yes products and began using the Water based moisturiser with the oestrogen cream and my condition improved dramatically. I changed to Vaginal Moisturiser about 3 years ago as I wanted to stop using the oestrogen cream and am now completely pain and itch free! I have recommended your products to many other women and all have been amazed at the results." RM, Reading (26th Mar 2021)
"I love it! Sex as an older woman is absolutely amazing with the water-based lubricant!" DS, Donnington (25th Mar 2021)
"YES WB is the first lubricant that is good for my intimacy (not irritant) with a good texture (not sticky) and with a long effect use, + natural and no perfume it's perfect !" MK, Norfolk (24th Mar 2021)
"Your products are really the best, they really work. Can't say enough good things about your products I have used." HN, London (23rd Mar 2021)
"Great product for vulvadynia. Nothing as good on the market. My gynecologist told me about it. Women with condition can suffer terribly cannot live with the pain otherwise...Thank you for making this quality product. . ." FD, Swindon (22nd Mar 2021)
"This is the only lubricant that I can use. It doesn't irritate like all the others. I will continue to purchase as long as it is available. Thank-you for a great product!" IT, Edinburgh (21st Mar 2021)
"Amazing product got my sex life back to being enjoyable and pleasurable. " CN, Norfolk (20th Mar 2021)
"I have only tried the OB so far but it is so fantastic! So comfortable!! " SS, Essex (19th Mar 2021)
"Just so pleased and relieved to have discovered you!" KG, North Devon (18th Mar 2021)
"I have used this cleansing product for several years and it's phenomenal. Never drying, easy to use, lasts a very long time. I love it. It makes me feel confident that I am taking very good care of myself and the environment." FS, Brighton (17th Mar 2021)
"Your VM moisturiser and Yes cleanse (unfragranced) have transformed my life back to vaguely normal- please don't ever stop making them!" BD, Scotland (16th Mar 2021)
"It's brilliant, life changing, no UTI since started using it" RD, Somerset (15th Mar 2021)
"Your products are a positive life changer. Having these products with the proper osmolarity and pH are critical. Thank you." SL, Reading (14th Mar 2021)
"The products I have used are excellent. My vaginal dryness is due to the perimenopause and Primary Sjogrens with the addition of allergies to a variety of chemicals normally found in feminine care products. The natural ingredients in YES products are soothing gentle and moisturising. I have used YES products for over 12 months and could not be happier. No other product is half as good." DD, Ealing (13th Mar 2021)
"YES is keeping me alive. That is not a joke either, it is the truth. " SH, Salisbury (12th Mar 2021)
"I have used the lubricant WB for years, it is a good product - doesn't cause itching " TG, Tottenham (11th Mar 2021)
"Best stuff I have found, and leaves no yucky sticky residue " FB, Falmouth (10th Mar 2021)
"Works great, not interested in trying other brands ever again, as I have been using Yes original for a very long time. Thank you. " CW, Chichester (9th Mar 2021)
"My patients, (I'm a specialist nurse) whom I have given one of your samples as appropriate speak highly of the product and their experience of using it. Accordingly I am trying for myself " ED, Norwich (8th Mar 2021)
"Made what can sometimes be a little painful and frustrating, to an easy experience and both feeling very satisfied " TK, Kingston (7th Mar 2021)
"I am excited to try the moisturiser.....I just wish I had known sooner before lots of symptoms with the menopause " FB, East Sussex (6th Mar 2021)
"The WB lubricant Is perfect when you are in post menopause, as it helps when you naturally dry out lightly and if your partner doesn't get lubricated, it prevents my skin getting sore and leading to infections! Its perfect and life can go on! " YN, Toronto (5th Mar 2021)
"We have used the WB lubricant for a few years now and liked the product. I am excited to try the VM I order this time. " SC, Alresford (4th Mar 2021)
"I have tried many other lubricants and Yes products are the best by far. I like the fact they are made with natural ingredients, a lot of the other lubes out there have horrid chemicals and ingredients that can be harmful to health. I am safe in the knowledge that Yes products are made of pure ingredients, thank you Yes!. " OP, Oxford (3rd Mar 2021)
"Seems very detailed, which I liked. You clearly know your business. I'm also glad that this subject is no longer taboo. I remember asking my doctor in my late 40's if there was anything I could do about vaginal dryness and she (note the 'she' ie one of us) said no. Just grin and bear it. Great, I thought! We've come a long way. " WC, Colchester (2nd Mar 2021)
"I have been using your products for some time now and they have significantly improved my life and vaginal health. Thank you. " VG, Glasgow (1st Mar 2021)
"The product itself is great, just as advertised. " MS, Durham (28th Feb 2021)
"Essential to my well being and marriage! " NB, Bournemouth (27th Feb 2021)
"Fabulous products. Hoorah for sex at sixty! " LR, London (26th Feb 2021)
"I am a cancer survivor and can not use any hormone creams. I have tried so many different ones but this is definitely the best . I suffered vaginal atrophy for months and tried lots of different brands. I got relief straight away from YES VM. " SA, Liverpool (25th Feb 2021)
"Im a huge fan and have recommended the VM a lot. This is a HUGE issue (vaginal atrophy, dryness etc and GPs dont seem to know about VM. Thank you for doing this. " HN, Ipswich (24th Feb 2021)
"Blessed relief from pain " RT, Crewe (23rd Feb 2021)
"I am a nurse practitioner and I also have vaginal sensitivity and yes is the only lubricant I can use that does not lead to BV or a yeast infection" HW, Slough (22nd Feb 2021)
"Website is Easy to navigate. I love your products. I never got any infections or irritations from these lubricant. It makes Intercourse so much more pleasurable. Will always be a long time customer. Thank you" AZ, St Ives (21st Feb 2021)
"Love! Love! Love these products!! Changed my intimate experience for the better!! Feel "young" again!" PS, Warblington (20th Feb 2021)
"Been using it for a few years following issues with UTIs and am so so SO happy with it" BP, Oxford (19th Feb 2021)
"After suffering from vaginal dryness for about 2 years due to constant changes in contraception, this has been a god send. I had tried other moisturisers, some cheaper versions and some prescribed by my doctor and I felt they did not really help the issue, and often ended up becoming clumpy and made me self conscious. The VM moisturiser has really improved things for me and has really helped with my symptoms, leaving me feeling comfortable! " DB, Nottingham (18th Feb 2021)
"Love, Love, Love that the moisturizer is fragrance and taste free! I'm sexually active again after being single for awhile and this is making my life happier in a huge way! I'm so excited to find you - thank you, thank you!" IN, Reigate (17th Feb 2021)
"Ah says it all. Tried all the rest, YES is the Best" PT, Eastbourne (16th Feb 2021)
"Very Effective moisturizing product without additional chemicals. " HN, Marlow (15th Feb 2021)
"I've been using both VM and WB, both are non-sticky and feel natural. The latter great for sex, as no mess to clear afterwards! " HW, Essex (14th Feb 2021)
"Feels very natural and stops any discomfort from post menopausal vaginal dryness. " GB, Lymington (13th Feb 2021)
"Products are fantastic and effective, last ages so good value for money" GU, Guildford (12th Feb 2021)
"Great product. The best I've found anywhere! It stays put, isn't sticky, and doesn't give me an allergic issues." NI, Blackpool (11th Feb 2021)
"As an older woman I couldn't have a pleasurable sex life without Yes!" AD, Reading (10th Feb 2021)
"Does exactly what is claims with peace of mind of no nasty side effects e.g. thrush, discharge etc." TR, Ealing (9th Feb 2021)
"So grateful for your products. They make such a difference to my menopausal body :-)" FN, Penrith (8th Feb 2021)
"By far the best products I've used, used something previously which was dreadful!" CV, Glasgow (7th Feb 2021)
"Very informative. Everything i needed to know. Thank you. I have used these products before they really helped. Its also great to know that im not the only one with my problem! I cant thank you enough. I also have MS which does make vaginal dryness worse...along with the menopause...aarrrrgh." GF, Whitby (6th Feb 2021)
"` Yes` has changed my life! Have suffered from Sjogrens syndrome for years and now the menopause .... Would be nice for health care practitioners to recommend Yes products instead of handing out HRT creams! That not everyone wants" SS, Ipswich (5th Feb 2021)
"It's a godsend- natural products that work because you have really listened to women like me" BD, Kent (4th Feb 2021)
"My wife had treatment for cancer including Chemo and hormone treatment. Sex became v painful/ impossible. We tried silicone based lubricants but these caused infections - cystitis etc. We found Yes by chance, online, and it works! Also no bad side/after effects. You should try to publicise direct to women undergoing cancer treatment, especially hormone therapy." JS, Swansea (3rd Feb 2021)
"Amazing - the pain was replaced by pleasure " RL, Ludlow (2nd Feb 2021)
"Feel confident with the purity" MD, Marlborough (1st Feb 2021)
"As I have gone through my menopause Yes is the only lubricant that partially helps and reduces the pain I experience" LL, Lyne Regis (31st Jan 2021)
"Excellent products and wish I was aware of you much sooner. Far superior to over the counter products available and coming off HRT" TH, Birmingham (30th Jan 2021)
"Discovering the Yes range really changed my life. As I said above, these products changed my life, it gave me back something I thought had gone forever." ND, Hertfordshire (29th Jan 2021)
"Using the yes VM has made such a difference to my life. I am struggling with menopause symptoms and the product has been life changing for me, thank you so much!! I did not want to use any products really that were hormone based and like to use natural ingredients where I can do. Yes products are all natural and that it what drew me to them in the first instance. But using them... what can I say!! I would not use anything else, AMAZING!" KN, Ipswich (28th Jan 2021)
"I have used these products now for a long time and I will never change. I have introduced some of my friends to these products and they are now converts. Thank you for products that help us women of a certain age. Lots of products claim to be less irritant and natural but I have tried all on the market. None of them come close to YES." RW, Camberley (27th Jan 2021)
"Could not do without this product .When I went to be checked at the surgery the nurse was amazed that I was so good .Told her what I was using and gave her your leaflet to let other know about it " EW, Warwick (25th Jan 2021)
"It's been live changing for me, and enabled myself and husband to have much more comfortable intimate relationship. " BH, Chester (24th Jan 2021)
"Been using for over a year now. Very pleased with the product" PM, Somerset (23rd Jan 2021)
"This is my second order and I have experienced considerable improvement. I'm still using the prescription Estradiol 10mg twice a week but your product has given me more relief that 10 years of using these. Can't thank you enough and I'm so please I found it" GO, New York (22nd Jan 2021)
"The Yes vaginal moisturiser is really good, it is easy to use and I am always comfortable" HC, Colchester (21st Jan 2021)
"I love that it uses natural ingredients. That's very important to me. " SD, Salford (20th Jan 2021)
"Thank goodness for it! I am too sensitive to other, over-the-counter products." FY, Farlington (19th Jan 2021)
"Fantastic product. Helps me feel healthy and clean following intimacy." AM, Norwich (18th Jan 2021)
"Perfect for my pleasure and comfort. Great help following surgery and radiotherapy on pelvis and groin" DP, Dorset (17th Jan 2021)
"Cannot believe how fabulous this product is. Has changed the life of this post menopausal woman" DK, Dudley (16th Jan 2021)
"Only lube products I ever buy. now.. cannot be without them! Thank you." SR, Tottenham (15th Jan 2021)
"Using these products has changed my life I was in so much pain now I am pain free " NI, London (14th Jan 2021)
"I got almost instant relief when I used YES VM, I can't believe I suffered for so from constant burning and reoccurring UTI's. Thank God for YES " IP, Oxford (13th Jan 2021)
"Love, Love, Love that the moisturizer is fragrance and taste free! I'm sexually active again after being single for a while and this is making my life happier in a huge way! I'm so excited to find you - thank you, thank you! " TR, Somerset (12th Jan 2021)
"Does exactly what is claims with peace of mind of no nasty side effects e.g. thrush, discharge etc. " DW, Southampton (11th Jan 2021)
"Excellent products and wish I was aware of you much sooner. Far superior to over the counter products available and coming off HRT " MN, Liverpool (10th Jan 2021)
"The vaginal moisturiser (both via the tube and the applicators) is a great way of stopping dryness and preventing thrush... I am 59 so post menopausal. It doesn't cause any irritation and is very effective. " TP, Tottenham (9th Jan 2021)
"Thank you so much for making these products. Bought a lube the other day and it has Salicylic Acid in it. Could not believe my eyes. Cannot believe people are using that stuff... you are the best! " SA, Wolverhampton (8th Jan 2021)
"I use YES VM every day and I'm going to experiment with the applicator pack. I use Yes OB for sex and my vaginal dilator session. They are excellent products. " HB, Ipswich (5th Jan 2021)
"Could not do without this product .When I went to be checked at the surgery the nurse was amazed that I was so good. Told her what I was using and gave her your leaflet to let other know about it. " RR, Harrow (4th Jan 2021)
"High quality natural products I can trust. " GD, Guildford (3rd Jan 2021)
"This is my second order and I have experienced considerable improvement. I'm still using the prescription HRT 10mg twice a week but your product has given me more relief that 10 years of using this. Can't thank you enough and I'm so please I found it " NW, Norwich (2nd Jan 2021)
"The Yes vaginal moisturiser is really good, it is easy to use and I am always comfortable " ER, Tottenham (1st Jan 2021)
"Thank goodness for it! I am too sensitive to other, over-the-counter products. " CP, Plymouth (31st Dec 2020)
"Perfect for my pleasure and comfort. Great help following surgery and radiotherapy on pelvis and groin " SA, Warwickshire (30th Dec 2020)
"Cannot believe how fabulous this product is. Has changed the life of this post menopausal woman " DB, Birmingham (29th Dec 2020)
"Only lube products I ever buy. now.. cannot be without them! Thank you. " LD, Lymington (28th Dec 2020)
"Using these products has changed my life I was in so much pain now I am pain free " RE, Aberdeen (27th Dec 2020)
"Very glad you are out there for us. " DF, Grimsby (26th Dec 2020)
"We love the products so we have returned. " IM, Dudley (25th Dec 2020)
"Love your VM product it has helped me so much. The only regret is I wish I would have known about this product sooner. I hope you can continue to offer VM I never want to be without ever again!!! Thank You for a much needed product! " SW, Camberley (24th Dec 2020)
"Vaginal itching that nothing would help. Thought it might be a yeast infection but I tried Diflucan and that did nothing. Even tried the 7-day cream for yeast infections and that didn't help. Went to 2 gynaecologists and they didn't see anything wrong. AH! YES Vaginal Moisturizing gel is the only way I can get relief. " TM, Bristol (23rd Dec 2020)
"Thank you making products for sensitive bodies. My early menopause and sensitive skin are not obstacles to my pleasure any more. " IT, Godalming (22nd Dec 2020)
"This is a fantastic product. I finally can experience comfortable and pleasurable sex and stay healthy afterwards. Thanks! " RD, Dudley (21st Dec 2020)
"WONDERFUL LINE OF PRODUCTS! Very sensitive and have not had any adverse reactions to any product I have used. " BN, Ipswich (20th Dec 2020)
"Absolutely love the WB Lubricant! No irritation, no sticky residue, and it has no taste, which is awesome! Definitely a repeat customer here! Thanks! " HY, Swanage (19th Dec 2020)
"You have great products and great customer service. " TT, Ealing (18th Dec 2020)
"I have LS and this is a great product for that, thank you so much! " BD, Durham (17th Dec 2020)
"Great stops me being dry and sore best thing I ever bought " SW, Hampshire (16th Dec 2020)
"Love your products! We have tried multiple other brands, but this one works the best. High quality with results to show! " FD, Edinburgh (15th Dec 2020)
"Saved my sex life, no more painful sex. No itching from allergic reactions to products. Thank you for caring about women!! " RT, Caterham (14th Dec 2020)
"I have been using this product for years, it has helped so much I used to suffer from getting thrush after sex with my husband but since I started to use this I do not get it anymore. Neither do I get sore during sex. No itching, or burning either. This product is the best. I just apply it before sex and then I top up during if need be. It also has helped to keep me moist during sex and allowed me to enjoy it without any discomfort. This lubricant is very easy to use it does not smell or itch, neither is it sticky I love that it is water-based too. I will give this product 10/10 " EC, Kent (13th Dec 2020)
"After so many gynaecological problems, I'm relieved to discover the 'Yes' products. The only range of intimate products I have found that really do not sting or cause irritation. I would highly recommend. " GD, Dudley (12th Dec 2020)
"The most effective product on the market " CA, Chichester (11th Dec 2020)
"It is life saving! Love saving! Marriage saving! A transformational blessing. " NT, Tottenham (10th Dec 2020)
"This is one of the best products you can buy. For women, made by women, with as ll the perfect credentials that all women seek. Also the quality is unbeatable. Inspiring. Confidence building. Trustworthy. " LW, East Sussex (9th Dec 2020)
"Has made my life pleasurable again. " UT, Salcombe (8th Dec 2020)
"Love that it is so natural just a brilliant lube no irritation " HG, Harrow (7th Dec 2020)
"Have been using these products for 5 years since cancer treatment. Have always been grateful for the help they have been in relieving unpleasant symptoms. " LO, Ipswich (6th Dec 2020)
"Best products on the market; as good as it gets when faced with physically challenged sexuality! High quality, no nasties, and ethical...whats not to love?! " MB, Birmingham (5th Dec 2020)
"I was using another brand and kept getting thrush because of the glycerine content! Had no idea why until I did an internet search and discovered the possible link. Then found your product and cannot recommend highly enough! " JE, Launceston (4th Dec 2020)
"General comfort has improved and life is brighter! " Tottenham (3rd Dec 2020)
"It's made such a difference. I can still enjoy a sex life despite having gone through menopause years ago. " TM, Essex (2nd Dec 2020)
"Makes painful sex disappear " LR, Warwickshire (1st Dec 2020)
"I have low constant cystitis; your product helps reduce the discomfort. " Ni, Weston-Super-Mare (30th Nov 2020)
"Really glad I found out about your products, they surpass anything else I've used. Thanks very much " AK, Appledore (29th Nov 2020)
"After having a total hysterectomy with removal of the cervix, yes lubrication and moisturiser has changed my Life. I can now feel more comfortable. " BV, Bournemouth (28th Nov 2020)
"Yes products are amazing and so very helpful. Thank you. " NA, Italy (27th Nov 2020)
"Been using Yes for the last 2 years and the products are brilliant in every way " JC, Eastbourne (26th Nov 2020)
"Very good service. Excellent products. Would highly recommend " NF, Falmouth (25th Nov 2020)
"Nice to have products that are not full of dubious chemicals " PO, Taunton (24th Nov 2020)
"It is amazing. Life would not be the same without it " RM, Norwich (23rd Nov 2020)
"Great site, I tell so many friends about you guys, amazing life changing product " IS, Suffolk (22nd Nov 2020)
"I have been using the OB single-dose product for a while and I now have very little discomfort during sex, which is a fantastic result. Being post-menopausal and having had Tamoxifen for breast cancer my oestrogen levels are extremely low and I developed significant vaginal dryness. My oncologist recommended using your products and it has been a revelation. Thank you. " LP, Aston (21st Nov 2020)
"Love that i am not allergic to your plant based applicant. I am very sensitive and your product works for me. " BF, Woking (20th Nov 2020)
"Always satisfied with this product, does the job asked of it and without any after effects. " ER, Elstead (19th Nov 2020)
"Finding this product spared me from a lifetime of HRT cream as prescribed by my doctor. The water based Yes is so un-messy. " DD, Farlington (18th Nov 2020)
"Due to menopausal changes and ongoing discomfort, I rely on Yes products for daily comfort...thank you. " KJ, Kingston (17th Nov 2020)
"YES always provide a professional and reliable service. Thank you! " OP, Plymouth (16th Nov 2020)
"Use every day after bath. Cannot be without it. Like that is got no baddies in it! " AN, Surrey (15th Nov 2020)
"Great products. I am always recommending them! " FG, Glasgow (14th Nov 2020)
"Excellent. My doctor recommended me as a close friend of his is a gynochologist. Have been dealing with you now for a few years and recommended you to my friends. " NN, Brighton (13th Nov 2020)
"Recently circumcised, helps a lot " KL, Hertfordshire (12th Nov 2020)
"I cannot live without Yes products. Thank you so much. " IP, Oxford (11th Nov 2020)
"I have had breast cancer and am still having long term hormone treatment with Letrozole which is stopping any oestrogen left in my body. Since then I started to have vaginal soreness when making love with my husband. I tried other products on the market but still experienced soreness. A new young female GP at my surgery recommended Yes and since buying your product VM it has got rid of any soreness and lovemaking is like it was prior to my having Letrozole. I am so pleased and can't praise your company enough. Many thanks " RK, Ulwell (10th Nov 2020)
"I am immensely grateful to Yes products helping me as I grow older. " UN, Tottenham (9th Nov 2020)
"It's an excellent product that works well, has no scent appears very natural. " CW, Warwick (8th Nov 2020)
"Products are lovely and effective, safe too, giving confidence " NH, Harrow (7th Nov 2020)
"Having suffered with irritation, itch, pain, constant bouts of candida and BV since being on breast cancer hormonal treatment, moving to Yes cleanse and ensuring I rinse the area really well after using, all my issues have gone away. I am amazed at how I have not had these problems in months. The oil based lube/moisturiser is lovely too. I find it very soothing and not as drying as the WB alternative. " ER, Reading (6th Nov 2020)
"I use the combination of the water based for me and the oil based for my husband as advised and it works really well... better than anything we have used before! " RT, Rotherham (5th Nov 2020)
"All products I have used (VM WB & OB) are excellent " CV, Coventry (4th Nov 2020)
"Couldn't live without the products-miserable having vulodynia but these products make life a lot more bearable-recommend to all " SD, Falmouth (3rd Nov 2020)
"I have used Yes products for several years now. They were recommended by a friend. They are so much more user friendly than the previous lubricants I used. I am very grateful. " ND, Donnington (2nd Nov 2020)
"It's saved my relationship, made sex possible and enjoyable again " OP, London (1st Nov 2020)
"So beneficial. Would not be without it! " TB, Yeovil (31st Oct 2020)
"I have found the Yes moisturiser and lubricant have helped enormously in relieving vaginal dryness and enabling comfortable sex. Would hate to be without it now! " AH, Spain (30th Oct 2020)
"It's the first intimate lubricant we've used that doesn't produce irritation after making love " OP, Plymouth (29th Oct 2020)
"Best product ever used, highly recommend. " CC, Salcombe (28th Oct 2020)
"Excellent product. Have been using for 5+ years. Meets all my lubricant needs and have not been plagued BV since....using full line of products. I am 62! " HB, Nottingham (27th Oct 2020)
"LIfe saver! Certainly improves my quality of life. " NN, Slough (26th Oct 2020)
"Yes personal wash was a game changer for me. I think more women should know about it. Post menopausal vaginal health - basically atrophy - is still so taboo and thereby so humiliating. " SA, Sittingbourne (25th Oct 2020)
"I am using your WB lubricant & find it really good & helpful. I like the natural feel & it lasts. It makes a painful experience more of a pleasure again. " JM, Marlborough (24th Oct 2020)
"Using YES WB has been life changing and has helped me deal with the menopause. Thank you, thank you, thank you! " LL, Harrogate (23rd Oct 2020)
"I love this product!!! Has made a huge difference for me. Everything else causes irritation and I had frequent UTI s before switching to the foam cleanser. Thank you! " NB, Bromley (22nd Oct 2020)
"Fed up of gynaecologist prescribing stuff that makes things worse: Oestradiol pessaries, cream with parabens etc. Came across Yes - great stuff! " DD, Farlington (21st Oct 2020)
"I have Lichens Sclerosis and this uncented wash is the best ever product, thank you " JR, Haslemere (20th Oct 2020)
"Your vaginal moisturizer has changed my life! Seriously, thank you so much. I have had a wild couple of years getting diagnosed for multiple sexual issues, and going through a lot of treatments and therapy. Even once things were better, I still could not find a lubricant that did not sting and also truly soothed and lubricated my internal skin. Your vaginal moisturizer does exactly that for me, and has made sex possible again for me. It really feels like a miracle. " SA, Warwickshire (19th Oct 2020)
"The chat person really sold me on the product and was able to answer all my questions. " IB, Ipswich (18th Oct 2020)
"Good to be able to chat online to decide on best product. Liked that I was offered samples " NH, Sherringham (17th Oct 2020)
"After breast cancer and taking estrogen blockers, Vaginal dryness is a huge problem. I love your products they do not burn and the applicator is thin and fits in easily. I found your company on the breast cancer site and am so glad I did. " KS, Donnington (16th Oct 2020)
"I have been using this product for quite sometime now and it is the very best you will find. I was desperate to find a product that gave me relief, from the very first application I knew I had found something special and I have never used anything else since. I never have to use a steroid cream anymore as I have no problems now. I cannot thank you enough for this product, it truly is amazing " LA, Petersfield (15th Oct 2020)
"Didn't realise that the itchiness I was experiencing was "curable" until I read the article in the Telegraph magazine and found great relief instantly on purchasing your product. " NG, Cheshire (14th Oct 2020)
"I've been using your products for about 8 years now. I've never had a reaction, irritation or sensitivity to it. " FA, Aylesbury (13th Oct 2020)
"I'm a psychosexual therapist, I was given some of your samples at a sexual medicine conference (Wimpole St, London). I tried them for myself and have been a fan ever since. Your products are great!. You later kindly sent me some samples for my client goodie bags/open day which were gratefully received and client feedback about your products is always really positive. This order is for my personal use and I will also complete your form about becoming a stockist/trade buyer as I wouldn't recommend any other product to my clients except yours. Keep up the good work! " FB, london (12th Oct 2020)
"Really worked for dryness and painful sex. Also more helpful than anything else i have tried for Interstitial Cystitis. " SB, Welshpool (11th Oct 2020)
"Used before and made huge difference as used to get uti after sex. " HN, Harrow (10th Oct 2020)
"Love Yes VM and has allowed menopausal intimacy to remain as wonderful as before with no allergic reactions - & I am super sensitive to most products. " PP, Dorset (9th Oct 2020)
"Recommended to me from a medical professional who has done a lot of research so would not use anything else now " KR, Wadebridge (8th Oct 2020)
"Using Yes has changed my life. I used to become terribly uncomfortable & itchy after using other lubricants, & now I've been given a new lease of life, where I feel normal again. Thank you " DA, Guildford (7th Oct 2020)
"Have been using your products for a while - only products I've found that have helped my vaginismus. This issue hasn't gone away, but the products make it copable with for both me and my husband - I join the group of women who owe your company a huge debt of thanks. " CA, Solihull (6th Oct 2020)
"Yes is the best product I've found to improve the sensuality of the sexual experience. Thank you. x " OH, Weybridge (5th Oct 2020)
"Literally the only lubricant that I have tried that doesn't cause irritation! " ER, Redditch (4th Oct 2020)
"I am 56 years old and I have just started vagifem (alternate days) but it was not enough to relieve the pain with atropic vaginitis. I am now using both vagifem and VM and this has transformed my quality of life. I am so pleased to have discovered VM as no other vaginal moisturisers was as efficient to relief the burning, itching and pain. Great product. " IN, Crewe (3rd Oct 2020)
"I have always been 100% happy with your products and service. There are simply no others on the market which can compare. I would be very interested in marketing them here in Spain. " KO, Spain (2nd Oct 2020)
"I live in Norway and we cannot get YES products here. I put my gynaecologist onto your site and he seemed really interested. I love the vaginal moisturiser which has relieved my vaginal atrophy and the gynae noticed the difference! " GB, Norway (1st Oct 2020)
"I have used VM and WB lubricant and they are much better than anything else on the market I have tried several but yes was the best " FV, Lincoln (30th Sep 2020)
"I've had painful sex for most of my active sex life. It wasn't until a friend suggested I switched up my lube that I came across your products and tried them. I suffered from pain during sex during to dryness and regular cystitis. I've tried both Yes OB and WB and OMG! What a difference! I'm now a regular WB user, both with my partner and on my own. It lasts for a long time, no pain, no infections after, no sticky feeling, just pleasure! This is a game changer and should be given to every woman as they enter puberty! " OM, Salisbury (29th Sep 2020)
"Fantastic ! I love how you detail the ingredients of your products and all the additional help and advice you provide. You have transformed my life. Thank you ! " CC, Norwich (28th Sep 2020)
"After a year of discomfort resulting from vaginal dryness due to peri menopause, many trips to the dr and chemist for thrush treatments, washes, and more, I came across this product by chance late one night. It was the best discovery ever. My issues have cleared, and my sex life has benefitted too. Thank you! " RT, Rochdale (27th Sep 2020)
"I wanted to use something natural for my dryness because I seem to allergic to a lot of products. My dryness became so bad that It became painful to have intercourse. I still sometimes have a bit of pain but it is much better. I will continue using yes water based lubricant because I have had no adverse reaction to it and has made my problem much more comfortable. " OK, Glasgow (26th Sep 2020)
"Fantastic products that have changed my sex life and massively reduced regular occurrences of thrush. Thank you so much you wonderful people! " MR, Liverpool (25th Sep 2020)
"Your products are a GOD SEND!! It literally has made a complete difference in my intimate life with my husband. " JN, Chichester (24th Sep 2020)
"Like the fact it is organic no perfumes or chemicals as unable to use soap or anything that has chemicals or perfumed due to thrush " DM, Grimsby (23rd Sep 2020)
"I have got a problem that no one can help me but yours products definitely help me a lot and I cannot imagine my life without Yes company now 🙂 " DA, Southampton (22nd Sep 2020)
"My wife has tried just about every brand of vaginal lubricant and your product helps most for vaginal atrophy " RB, Falmouth (21st Sep 2020)
"The best lubricant I've ever tried. " OL, Cardiff (20th Sep 2020)
"I have tried my first order and very impressed, specifically with it being organic, great texture and comfort. Very happy with products. " BG, Durham (19th Sep 2020)
"After breast cancer and taking estrogen blockers, Vaginal dryness is a huge problem. I love your products they do not burn and the applicator is thin and fits in easily. I found your company on the breast cancer site and am so glad I did. " DD, Clovelly (18th Sep 2020)
"I have been using this product for quite sometime now and it is the very best you will find. I was desperate to find a product that gave me relief, from the very first application I knew I had found something special and I have never used anything else since. I never have to use a steroid cream anymore as I have no problems now . I cannot thank you enough for this product, it truly is amazing " SI, Isle of Wight (17th Sep 2020)
"Didn't realise that the itchiness I was experiencing was "curable" until I read the article in the Telegraph magazine and found great relief instantly on purchasing your product. " LB, Norfolk (16th Sep 2020)
"I'm a psychosexual therapist, I was given some of your samples at a sexual medicine conference. I tried them for myself and have been a fan ever since. Your products are great!. You later kindly sent me some samples for my client goodie bags/open day which were gratefully received and client feedback about your products is always really positive. This order is for my personal use and I will also complete your form about becoming a stockist/trade buyer as I wouldn't recommend any other product to my clients except yours. Keep up the good work! " TM, Essex (15th Sep 2020)
"Really worked for dryness and painful sex. Also more helpful than anything else i have tried for Interstitial Cystitis. " AR, Enfield (14th Sep 2020)
"Used before and made huge difference as used to get uti after sex. " SD, Salisbury (13th Sep 2020)
"Love Yes VM and has allowed menopausal intimacy to remain as wonderful as before with no allergic reactions - & I am super sensitive to most products. " NB, Birmingham (12th Sep 2020)
"Recommended to me from a medical professional who has done a lot of research so would not use anything else now " PL, Oxford (11th Sep 2020)
"Using Yes has changed my life. I used to become terribly uncomfortable & itchy after using other lubricants, & now I've been given a new lease of life, where I feel normal again. Thank you " IK, Merrow (10th Sep 2020)
"Yes is the best product I've found to improve the sensuality of the sexual experience. Thank you. x " HD, Hungerford (9th Sep 2020)
"Literally the only lubricant that I have tried that doesn't cause irritation! " RE, Eastleigh (8th Sep 2020)
"I am 56 years old and I have just started Vagifem (alternate days) but it was not enough to relieve the pain with atrophic vaginitis. I am now using both Vagifem and VM and this has transformed my quality of life. I am so pleased to have discovered VM as no other vaginal moisturisers was as efficient to relief the burning, itching and pain. Great product. " TR, Reading (7th Sep 2020)
"I have always been 100% happy with your products and service. There are simply no others on the market which can compare. " M B, Birmingham (6th Sep 2020)
"I live in Norway and we cannot get Yes products here. I put my gynaecologist onto your site and he seemed really interested. I love the vaginal moisturiser which has relieved my vaginal atrophy and the gynae noticed the difference! " NI, Norway (5th Sep 2020)
"I have used vm and wb lubricant and they are much better than anything else on the market I have tried several but yes was the best " FG, Florence (4th Sep 2020)
"Saved our relationship! sex was so painful I tried to avoid it for a long time before seeing consultant at hospital who told me Yes products were excellent, he was so right. " HD, Ludlow (3rd Sep 2020)
"Packaging is discrete. Product is amazing! This lube is not sticky and gunky like all the others. " OG, Glasgow (2nd Sep 2020)
"Wondered why it was called yes, upon use it was self explanatory ! " LN, Suffolk (1st Sep 2020)
"I am just grateful to know that there is a product that thinks about women's health, the proper way. No icky, unnatural additives. Thank you. " KR, Christchurch (31st Aug 2020)
"I have only had samples from my healthcare professional but have been so impressed I placed an order. " FN, Falmouth (30th Aug 2020)
"Love it! Have been using for a long time and its great to see the increase in popularity " RC, Colchester (29th Aug 2020)
"The VM is a miracle " GB, Gibraltor (28th Aug 2020)
"Really happy to have found a recyclable, sustainable option. " PY, Nottingham (27th Aug 2020)
"Your product is gives amazing results. " BS, Warwickshire (26th Aug 2020)
"Your product is gives amazing results. " RE, Essex (25th Aug 2020)
"ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, has saved my sex life!! Thank You! " DS, Dudley (24th Aug 2020)
"What can I say! Been using it for several years now and I recommend it to lots of people. " RT, Gloucester (23rd Aug 2020)
"I am almost 54 and have been battling through peri-menopause for 3 years now. I will officially be menopausal in October as that will mark one year of no periods. Along with the hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, memory loss, cognitive decline, hair loss and palpitations, I got extremely dry. The dryness meant that intercourse became extremely painful to the point where it was almost impossible. I tried the leading brand in the supermarkets (KY), but the burning and stinging sensation when it was applied was horrendous and it seemed to make matters worse in the long run. Maybe it contained alcohol, which has a drying effect on the skin. It certainly didn't help. One google search later and I found Yes Water Based which we have used for over a year now. Intercourse was way less painful when using it, but the initial penetration was still uncomfortable. There was no stinging or burning when it was applied and it has good staying power. I was reading the leaflet that came in the box and read about the 'Double glide' effect of putting oil based on first and then water based on top. I ordered a tube of the Yes Oil Based and have not looked back. Using both oil based and water based, intercourse is now 99% pain free, which is incredible after so many years of discomfort. My husband loves the sensation of it and is very happy to use it. I would say to any peri-menopausal, or menopausal woman out there to try the double glide affect. Water based will help you a lot, but putting both on has transformed our sex life. Menopause is tough enough as it is, without having to grit your teeth during sex! I hope this Yestimonial helps other suffering 50 somethings out there! IT WORKS!!!! " GH, London (22nd Aug 2020)
"I thought I should share with you the following excellent experience I had using my Yes Cleanse and Yes VM. I went through a period where ,out of the blue, I found myself suffering from Inverse Psoriasis. I really felt blessed having Yes products. I used them diligently and the problem cleared up quickly and with nothing like the discomfort my Doctor said to expect. I recommend Yes to friends and family with total confidence. " JN, Bristol (21st Aug 2020)
"So thrilled to have discovered your company & products! Feeling like a fresh unpicked grape now & not a shrivelled up old raisin! " NJ, Liverpool (20th Aug 2020)
"So glad your company exists! I have tried other lubricants, but Yes products have the perfect combination of oil & water products that are natural & don't cause any issues. Thank you for your company for many women who need help!!! " AZ, Yeovil (19th Aug 2020)
"Our excellent sex life suddenly impeded by my menopausal symptoms now back to virtually what it was before because of your products! No adverse reactions from my sometimes sensitive skin/intimate tissues either. Thank you for helping me and my endlessly patient partner physically, and if I'm honest regarding myself, mentally too. " BC, Birmingham (18th Aug 2020)
"Very happy with the product. Essential during/after menopause and will use it for many, many years. Will not use 'off the shelf' lubricants in the supermarket as they are full of chemicals. " SH, Essex (17th Aug 2020)
"Excellent products, natural ingredients, no scent (except natural rose oil which is good for skin), extremely helpful customer service. " WS, Wickham (16th Aug 2020)
"I am very satisfied with your products. I have used other brands that were recommended by my OB/GYN. However, I feel they do not work as well as your product does - especially your cleanse product line. Your product does a wonderful job keeping me 'balanced', which has been a big challenge for me. I like your product so much, I have provided your information to my OB/GYN, so she can suggest your products as an option to other patients. I am also happy that your products are organic. " IS, Chester (15th Aug 2020)
"I made my first order only 2 weeks ago to get some samplings and I LOVE LOVE the WB products! So much that it has only been 2 weeks and I want to load up my stock already. The Applicators are easy to use and have just the right volume. It has changed my relationship dramatically, as I can now enjoy being with my partner rather than worrying about the dryness and pain. " MM, Norfolk (14th Aug 2020)
"I love this brand, I'll only ever feel comfortable using it. I've recommended it to everyone! " NA, Swanage (13th Aug 2020)
"Amazing product. I had no allergic reactions to it. My husband and I thank you. If topic ever comes up with friends I will recommend this product! " JS, Salford (12th Aug 2020)
"Love your products. Keeps me out of the doctor's office. " KF, London (11th Aug 2020)
"I just love, love, love your products. They have transformed my life! " CA, Chichester (10th Aug 2020)
"Awesome product.......nothing available like it. " TR, Totnes (9th Aug 2020)
"Excellent product. Much better than the rest. " LS, Southsea (8th Aug 2020)
"I have been using this for about a month and it has changed my intimate life with my partner completely. This has made being intimacy enjoyable, fun and stress free. " DM, Malrborough (7th Aug 2020)
"I have used your lubricants before & they are really good no sensitivity to your products at all. I have very sensitive skin. No irritation to your products at all which was such a relief after suffering for so long. " PO, Cambridge (6th Aug 2020)
"I purchased this product about a month ago for the first time and never received it. After getting in contact with customer service, the service department was very accommodating, and immediately sent me out a new product with days. My boyfriend and I absolutely looooved the experience with this product, and sex will never be the same again (for the better :-)). " TA, Christchurch (5th Aug 2020)
"Fantastic. I have tried everything possible to resolve dryness and nothing worked. This gel is amazing and does not sting like a lot of them. " EF, Falmouth (4th Aug 2020)
"Oooh. You have changed my life! Thank you. I called customer service and explained my post-hysterectomy problems and really appreciated the honest conversation and recommendation. " DG, Dublin (3rd Aug 2020)
"Very best product...no smell, feels great and works! " NR, Reading (2nd Aug 2020)
"I have been using the water based products for some years and find them to be an excellent natural product. Thank you Yes. " IH, Ipswich (1st Aug 2020)
"I thought my days of intimacy were gone once I hit the menopause. The pain was unbearable. I tried other lubricants... the pain was still there. But when I tried Yes Yes.... I am all woman again!!! Would recommend it 100% " TB, St Just (31st Jul 2020)
"I wasn't able to enjoy pain free sex until I tried AH! YES water based. Not only is it amazing for pain free sex it doesn't have a gross smells and is so easy to clean up. A little goes a long way. My sex life is 100 percent better. My partner also loves it and is grateful that I found something that actually works. I definitely reccomend it. " KD, Crewe (30th Jul 2020)
"Fantasic. I have a condition which means I can not use bath or intimate products e.g. over the counter lubricants as they irritate. This range is the only one that works. I also use the YES VM which is a godsend as I can use it on a daily basis without any problems. Please DO NOT get rid of this product as it is a lifesaver to people with my condition as it stops burning and irritation as it can be used as much as you need without causing issues. " GF, Salford (29th Jul 2020)
"Products are FANTASTIC, last a long time without re-application and I feel good about using them. " YN, Glasgow (28th Jul 2020)
"Your products have helped in my fight to prevent UTI's! " KR, Kent (27th Jul 2020)
"I can only say that using Yes VM with applicator has changed my life. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Thank you " FD, Farlington (26th Jul 2020)
"I have been using Yes for a number of years (8) and it is terrific " IN, New Forest (25th Jul 2020)
"Alway use the wash for 3 years " DW, Warwick (24th Jul 2020)
"By using water based products on myself and oil based on my boyfriend I feel young again (and not 70+) and able to enjoy intimacy without pain. " BH, Harrow (23rd Jul 2020)
"Best find, ever. " GM, Chester (22nd Jul 2020)
"Been using product for years. It is great " DB, Birmingham (21st Jul 2020)
"Effective long-lasting well-researched products. " SS, Krakow (20th Jul 2020)
"Works very well and has help my discomfort during sex " SD, Dudley (19th Jul 2020)
"YES brings additional pleasure to intimate experiences. Your organic approach and set of values is highly appreciated. It further extends the said pleasure. Thank you! " IA, Andover (18th Jul 2020)
"Great feel. Smooth and not sticky. Very easy glide and doesn't smell. " EH, West Sussex (17th Jul 2020)
"Has saved our marriage. Literally. " HN, London (16th Jul 2020)
"Only product that has not created burning or stinging. Tried quite a few. " FB, Marlow (15th Jul 2020)
"Amazing stuff! Won't be buying anything else now. " VS, Crewe (14th Jul 2020)
"I was sent the free samples and had a Great time! I have struggled a bit with other lubes and I think I have found what I have been looking for! " NR, Ealing (13th Jul 2020)
"Excellent product. Works well and I like knowing that the ingredients are safe. " MU, Ipswich (12th Jul 2020)
"Yes OB is magic I apply daily to keep moisturised. Love all the products They have been a God send to my sensitivity due to pre menopause. Doctors were not sympathetic, just wanted me to take hormone replacement. Hummmm so did my own research. Best thing EVER. " AD, Liverpool (11th Jul 2020)
"Fantastic product has made my life so much better " ED, Petersfield (10th Jul 2020)
"Love as it is organic no allergic reactions as with other lubricants " IJ, Swindon (9th Jul 2020)
"It's great. Wouldnt be enjoying sex without it! " HN, Yeovil (8th Jul 2020)
"We just may be getting our romantic life back as husband & wife. " RM, Kingston (7th Jul 2020)
"I have Sjorgrens Syndrome and this product really helps. " TN, Plymouth (6th Jul 2020)
"Your vaginal moisturizer has completely changed my life - no more dryness, no painful sex, no bleeding. Also, both of your lubes are incredible. I love the WB and my husband loves the OB. " CD, Coventry (5th Jul 2020)
"After using a number of different products for menopausal vaginal dryness and found i was allergic to most of them ,I have found yes the only product that does not irritate me and gives me instant and long lasting relief " KF, Okehampton (4th Jul 2020)
"It's the best product l have tried for vaginal dryness. " RE, Bath (3rd Jul 2020)
"I feel great peace of mind using a quality product like yes, knowing that it is safe. " TH, Wiltshire (2nd Jul 2020)
"I have just finished intensive treatment for breast cancer and as a result suffered with vaginal atrophy. Yes VM moisturiser as helped alleviate the symptoms and I feel so much more like myself. A Godsend! Thank you Yes x " BW, Guildford (1st Jul 2020)
"Used the product for the first time this year after hearing about this on a TV programme talking about post menopause.... nothing had helped before this is an amazing product " AD, Durham (30th Jun 2020)
"Has made a real difference, Thank you " RD, London (29th Jun 2020)
"My wife is delighted with your product, she says its unbelievable the difference it has made, I am also delighted! " IF, Glasgow (28th Jun 2020)
"One of my favourites - tops for the natural feel and ingredients! " MN, Texas (27th Jun 2020)
"I love this product, we use WB and OB and swear by them. It makes such a difference to the pain I get during sex usually " GW, Halifax (26th Jun 2020)
"Thank you so much for providing products like these and I've never seen a check box with LS on it - thanks for your knowledge and research on these conditions. " NI, Somerset (25th Jun 2020)
"One of the very few lubricants I've tried that doesn't cause irritation. " MK, Norfolk (24th Jun 2020)
"Best lubricant I have ever discovered, no sex life without it..... " DD, Oxford (23rd Jun 2020)
"Fab product....VM....couldn't manage without it!! " IY, Merseyside (22nd Jun 2020)
"They are the best and the only ones I will use. Thank you for supplying such natural quality products. " SK, Lancashire (21st Jun 2020)
"Yes makes my life more enjoyable and easy. Why? By using your natural products my intimate life is great and the shopping experience is so easy. Quality products, at a good price combined with brilliant service. What more can a girl need! Thank you. X " LE, Rowlands Castle (20th Jun 2020)
"Makes an incredible difference to quality of sex thank you! " WV, Peterborough (19th Jun 2020)
"The WB lubricant is a great product, the only one that doesn't cause me a vaginal allergic reaction. " HN, Greater Manchester (18th Jun 2020)
"I've been experiencing discomfort lately and the YES water-based moisturiser has been a total saving grace. It's so soothing and not at all sticky or oily. It really feels like it's working with my body rather than against it and has eased my discomfort in just a day or two. Vaginal dryness/irritation is a problem most women I know have experienced in their 20s and YES's stylish branding and inclusive message dispels with any embarrassment in buying or using their products. On top of that, there's the added bonus of the products being certified organic! I definitely recommend the whole range. " NM, Gloucester (17th Jun 2020)
"Since using Yes together with medical guidance I now enjoy sex with my husband after a long period of abstinence due to painful sex " JN, Ravenglass (16th Jun 2020)
"The YES products have been incredible for me since my diagnosis of lichen sclerosis. I use the OB as a daily moisturiser and a WB for intercourse which has completely changed my sex life. I was previously dry and uncomfortable, even painful and now we can enjoy it fully together again. " RD, Lavenham (15th Jun 2020)
""I came across your products when I discovered that after so many years of pain and dryness was down to a silicone lubricant I was using from ann summers. One night my area was soo swollen and it came to me it was the irritation from the lubricant not sure why I never thought it was that before - I generally thought that the pill that I was on since the age of 16 caused the dryness to which extent it did and also deadened the sex drive. When I came off the pill at 24/25 my drive was coming back and I tried new things as well as the silicone lube which at first felt great, I just thought the burning sensation was the lube soothing the dryness and a little swelling was normal, it wasn't until recently i was working for a company and a customer complaint came through that she had an allergy from a bra she used which was in fact down to the silicone! That week we made love and my area it was extremely puffy and sore and it came to me all this time from being off the pill from 24/25years old to 28 it was the lube causing this! It was from here that I thought I need either a good water based lube or moisturiser and I came across your brand on lovehoney and it was ticking all the boxes with great reviews and I made a new years resolution at the beginning of 2019 to start to change and go organic. Honestly I will never try another brand! It has change my sex life, it soothes and no swelling occurs, all I need now is good natural condoms! :)" " HH, Goudhurst (14th Jun 2020)
"It is the most natural, best performing, pleasurable product of its type on the market. I love everything about it and the ethics of the company too. " AM, Diss (13th Jun 2020)
"Best personal lubricant and cleansing products on the planet!!!! Wish they had been around much sooner! " NM, Fife (12th Jun 2020)
"I have allergies and was becoming sensitive to one after another lubricant, which would begin to burn after using for a while. I have been using Yes for at least a year and when I told my husband I was reordering he just asked "Does it come by the gallon?'' " TR, Virginia Waters (11th Jun 2020)
"I love your products. They are so effective and have made a huge difference for me. I have seen a great improvement in my symptoms. I have recommended your products to my family doctor. I would recommend your products to every woman. Thank you so much for making these products available. " RC, Orkney (10th Jun 2020)
"I found it really good in the past. Told my gynaecologist about it, and he now recommends it to his other patients! " DM, Lynmouth (9th Jun 2020)
"The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. " KF, Isle of Mull (8th Jun 2020)
"It is the best. No question. No competition. " SB, Cartmel (7th Jun 2020)
"Excellent. Using for 5 years! No issues with BV!! I am 61, perfect for managing vaginal dryness. Partner loves the feel and taste! " AW, Skipton (6th Jun 2020)
"I am sensitive to EVERYTHING I have ever tried, except YES. THANK YOU! " JT, Burnsall (5th Jun 2020)
"Works very well. I have been using for 6 years and helps with vaginal atrophy. " JP, Portsmouth (4th Jun 2020)
"This product does the job that nothing the medical world ever recommends.. it is so pure (it is also handy for anywhere else where soothing is required... what a pity this wasn't around in my "baby changing days" ! " RE, Bibury (3rd Jun 2020)
"Completely natural feeling. It is truly tasteless and feels no different than natural lubrication " MT, Clovelly (2nd Jun 2020)
"Thank you so much, your products have made a world of difference! " BN, Lichfield (1st Jun 2020)
"I am so pleased with your products - the ingredients are gentle, moisturizing, and lubricating without being greasy and messy. I love the applicator process - makes application easy and sanitary. " RB, Virginia (31st May 2020)
"The only cleanser I can use without a stinging sensation- thank you! " NS, Somerset (30th May 2020)
"Has definitely improved my quality of life since 2013 when vaginal atrophy diagnosis. Thank you for your products! " FA, Farringdon (29th May 2020)
"I really like the products - not heavy and they feel natural. Thank you! " PY, Runnymead (28th May 2020)
"It as unbelievable the difference that I feel when using this product and having sexual intercourse " IR, Ripon (27th May 2020)
"Love it! Lubricates completely down there. Lovemaking is wonderful " CG, Newbury (26th May 2020)
"Older user, happily returning to an active sex life after a 20 year gap. Thank you it has been a very fulfilling experience. " PA, The Highlands (25th May 2020)
"I have been using YES VM applicator for 2 weeks now & I am very satisfied so far so good. " BH, Lyme Regis (24th May 2020)
"The vaginal moisturizer and the WB lubricant are awesome and I will continue to buy these. " DB, St Albans (23rd May 2020)
"It's fab for old dried up prunes like me! " GD, Bournemouth (22nd May 2020)
"It's been a real help, thank you! " NG, Goring by Sea (21st May 2020)
"Brilliant - why aren't these products talked about more! I've been struggling for years and these products are the only ones to have given me my life back - HUGE thank you! " KR, Milton Keynes (20th May 2020)
"I bought the trial pack some time ago and it was a great way to work out which products I preferred. Now I can go directly to those products. " DP, Sunderland (19th May 2020)
"I am so grateful that these products exist. As a member of the Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer community, I appreciate any products that are natural and safe to use. The products work beautifully and make a big difference! Thank you! " TJ, Hereford (18th May 2020)
"So happy I found these products. The VM has saved me. So pleasant to use. No irritation or strange feeling whatsoever. Just like natural. Thank you " RE, Lincoln (17th May 2020)
"Being a breast cancer survivor I've FINALLY found a product that it not only safe for me to use, but actually works! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! " TH, Coventry (16th May 2020)
"Being a breast cancer survivor I've FINALLY found a product that it not only safe for me to use, but actually works! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! " TH, Coventry (16th May 2020)
"Love your product. It's been so helpful and addressed a very physical, emotional, and psychological stressor for me as I had to have a hysterectomy at a fairly young age. Thank you for this product and all your efforts. They've turned back the clock enabling my husband and I to have our time together. Being able to be physical like we used to is priceless on so many levels. Love your products!! I'm going to take my gyno samples the next time I go in for my annual checkup so she can try them and let others know about them. " JN, Oregon (15th May 2020)
"Tried with the YES Cleanse and have been the only things that has helped me since the birth of my youngest. " WV, Sheffield (14th May 2020)
"Your products are the absolute best!!! " SL, York (13th May 2020)
"Foam wash is excellent. WB Lubricant is not sticky or oily. Washes away easily. " LM, Solihull (12th May 2020)
"Absolutely love the products. Have made such a difference to my intimate life. Miles ahead of any of the off-the-shelf ones available in the pharmacies. " SK, Salcombe (11th May 2020)
"These products are pretty much the best it's possible to get. Anyone with vulval issues should try them. I credit the Yes vaginal moisturiser with helping me recover from a particularly vicious and lengthy period of yeast/bv infection (on top of vulvodynia - extremely painful and debilitating). It was such a help. " RL, Lulworth (10th May 2020)
"It's a beautiful product for women like myself who has gone through the menopause and it's so safe I would definitely recommend it to my friends " HY, Cardiff (9th May 2020)
"Have been using the Yes moisturizers and lubricants for some time now, and absolutely no complaints. The VM product has been a welcome relief from vaginal dryness and also beneficial with urinary and bowel issues; the moisturizer penetrates the skin barriers and I'm certain prevents dryness in other areas of the pelvic region. Menopausal symptoms are simply horrible and so debilitating. The Yes products have restored some sanity to my life. " DL, Alabama (8th May 2020)
"Great product has helped me greatly. Would recommend to all women " AR, Worcester (7th May 2020)
"I will never stop using the Yes WB and Yes OB and the Yes pH Cleanse " RE, Cheshire (6th May 2020)
"It is great product has really helped me and makes me feel comfortable for the whole day " IL, Cambridge (5th May 2020)
"Received a free trial pack and used the VM moisturiser, it really helped " NA, Woking (4th May 2020)
"It is good, gentle and does not sting " IM, Normandy (3rd May 2020)
"I love the fact that they are all natural which is very important to me because I typically have reactions to fragrances. " AK, Kentucky (2nd May 2020)
"After Breast cancer it has helped a lot. " KO, Maryland (1st May 2020)
"Really great product very effective " WM, Paris (30th Apr 2020)
"Has given me a great deal of relief. " LM, Redhill (29th Apr 2020)
"Trust product on my skin. Thank you " BE, Hove (28th Apr 2020)
"After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 49 yrs old, having 5 operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy I did not think it would get any worse but then to top it all off along came early menopause which seemed to destroy any intimacy I thought I might get back to. Then I discovered YES, no more dryness or painful sex. I can enjoy normality once again. Completely different to any other Vagina moisturiser or lube. It just feels natural!!! Thank you YES " IG, Missouri (27th Apr 2020)
"Makes being post menopausal more comfortable. " CW, Sevenoaks (26th Apr 2020)
"Helps our sex life through the menopause changes " PC, St Johns (25th Apr 2020)
"Excellent feminine wash. I looked for the natural PH balansing wash and found your product in Google. I use it every day. Sometimes twice a day. No dryness or discomfort. I don't have bacterial vaginosis and fish smell anymore. No more embarrassment. I like gentle rose smell. My partner is happy too. Very satisfied with your product. " YN, California (24th Apr 2020)
"The first time I used a product from this website, it was not the right one for my needs. It didn't have the applicator, so I found it messy. My GP got this product for me on prescription over a year ago and I found it ok but then she recommended another one with oestrogen which I used instead, but kept forgetting which days I was supposed to use it so I stopped. Then I got dreadful UTI symptoms - pain in particular yet no infection showed up in my urine sample. I still had one of these applicators left from my last prescription and used it. Within an hour the relief was incredible. " NM, Fanrham (23rd Apr 2020)
"Feel happy knowing it's not a HRT based product " DG, London (22nd Apr 2020)
"I find it very soothing and minimises symptoms " PO, Oxford (21st Apr 2020)
"Since going through the menopause sex is really painful, but since using Yes products, its got a lot easier! These products are the best I've tried and also they are not tested on animals which for me is a big plus " FN, Finland (20th Apr 2020)
"Best products I have ever used!!! The wash is AMAZINGLY awesome! You sent me a YES VM sample and oh my gosh! After I used up the sample I ordered more product! Your products ROCK! " JN, Idaho (19th Apr 2020)
"I'm newly diagnosed with LS and it's all very weird and scary. This website has been so helpful, thank you so very much " BR, Bath (18th Apr 2020)
"My intimate life is great again. My husband and I were not enjoying penetration at all due to pain and discomfort. My menopausal symptoms of dryness have improved so much.....I could barely walk previously due to soreness, dryness and total discomfort. " KM, Buxton (17th Apr 2020)
"Feels like my own natural lubrication and love the fact that it doesn't have any taste, keeps it discreet. " EO, Plymouth (16th Apr 2020)
"Best stuff out there. Recommend to everyone. " PP, Isle of Wight (15th Apr 2020)
"I think your products use high standards and have been very helpful with the changes in my body after menopause. " EL, Kent (14th Apr 2020)
"Your products are fantastic, and I can feel good about using them for both health and ethical reasons. " NS, Swindon (13th Apr 2020)
"Really saves my life. I suffer from fibromyalgia and vulvodynia " LM, Glastonbury (12th Apr 2020)
"So glad to have found these products. Concerned of chemicals due to cancer treatment. They work marvellous. " LD, Bude (11th Apr 2020)
"It is the best product. Nothing else compares. " PR, Dundee (10th Apr 2020)
"First product i used where I didn't have contact dermatitis or burning. Can apply multiple times a day for irritation and inflammation. Thank you for a nice product. " ND, Exmoor (9th Apr 2020)
"Great product with organic ingredients that works as described and does not cause any discomfort/irritation. " IL, Peak District (8th Apr 2020)
"I am so impressed with the product! The website as well as all of the information and purchasing experience is above and beyond professional - everything you could ever want from a buying experience online! I has taken me a long time to find such a wonderful product - but better late than never! I am still in the beginning phase of treating menopausal dryness but I am confident that continued use of of this product will only yield better and better results - I am already noticing far less discomfort than with anything else I have tried - Thank you for all that you do! " JU, Manchester (7th Apr 2020)
"The vaginal moisturizer has made a big difference for me. " MW, Cirencester (6th Apr 2020)
"Love the unscented cleanser! Makes me feel I'm doing something good for my body! " NK, York (5th Apr 2020)
"For those of us in the over 70 group. it helps make intimacy exciting " HU, Whitby (4th Apr 2020)
"OB is excellent product that does not sting and provides much pleasure. " CW, Lyme Regis (3rd Apr 2020)
"It's the best lubricant out there. Thank you! " JB, Cambridge (2nd Apr 2020)
"Has made sex pleasurable again post menopausal " FB, Corfe Castle (1st Apr 2020)
"I'm very happy that this product exists. It has been a great benefit to our sex life and my post-menopausal vaginal dryness. " LK, London (31st Mar 2020)
"Your new VM makes such a huge difference after cancer treatment and menopause... Thank you for making a safe and organic product. " FG, Salisbury (30th Mar 2020)
"Excellent product, and I am glad to be using something organic that works so well. " OR, Exeter (29th Mar 2020)
"The oil-based lubricant is so amazing. I had no idea that sex could be so comfortable and also mind-blowing. I've used water-based and silicon-based lubes before, but they were only okay, The oil-based is everything. I wish i had known about it earlier! " NM, Wakefield (28th Mar 2020)
"I am so grateful that you make a product that hasn't changed ingredients (I am sensitive to many things) and my husband and I now have a great intimate relationship because we have found your products of great consistent quality. Thank you so much. " CA, Lichfield (27th Mar 2020)
"The product has helped my a lot after surgery. I really like it being organic. " BW, Carlisle (26th Mar 2020)
"I have been using this fabulous product for a couple of years. It is indistinguishable from my body as natural lubricant. Pleasurable, comfortable and 100% effective for a great experience " IN, Lancaster (25th Mar 2020)
"After having a full hysterectomy and oophectomy my body just didn’t react well. Thanks to yes I can feel more like me. Wouldn’t want to live without it now. " KG, Preston (24th Mar 2020)
"Life saver for us. Love the all natural ingredients. " DS, Salford (23rd Mar 2020)
"It is the best. The relief i got with the VM was truly amazing. I have told all my friends & given them samples. They are now users of your product. Thank you for making my body feel young again!! " OT, Winchester (22nd Mar 2020)
"Just the best with appropriate ingredients " RN, Canterbury (21st Mar 2020)
"It has also helped with recurrent UTIs - probably because of PH balance " FN, Lichfield (20th Mar 2020)
"Changed my intimate life like no other product. It basically gave it back to me. Truly an amazing product. Thank you! " LM, Hereford (19th Mar 2020)
"I have lichen sclerosus and have made impressive progress since using your products. Before that, I was simply maintaining rather than progressing. Products are quite soothing! " SA, Leeds (18th Mar 2020)
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have created a wonderful product 🙂 " KU, Chelmsford (17th Mar 2020)
"I can not thank you enough, after a couple of years not being able to have sex with my husband due to vaginal dryness and the menopause, I have used this product just a couple of times with great success. I have been using a hormone cream prescribed by my Doctor with minimal success mostly due to my worry about using the product after losing my Mum to breast cancer ( I have to stress my Doctor absolutely confirmed it was safe to use just my insecurities) " AN, Bristol (16th Mar 2020)
"As a sufferer of atrophic vaginitis the website is very informative and I found it reassuring that your products contain no hormones. " PL, Glasgow (15th Mar 2020)
"I have used both the cleanser and water based lubricant for several years and very pleased. Feel refreshed and clean after using cleanser. Lubricant is wonderful. Have used the vaginal moisturizer also. " HH, Southend (14th Mar 2020)
"I was looking for a lube that is safe while nursing, this was surprisingly difficult, and I'm relieved the search is over! " EM, Birmingham (13th Mar 2020)
"These products work and are safe. Going through menopause has been much more enjoyable. Thank you for providing natural and safe products for women to use. " RT, Rustington (12th Mar 2020)
"Love this product and more so because it is gentle on the body and husband enjoys it too " DS, Solihull (11th Mar 2020)
"Has saved me without hormones! " HN, Totnes (10th Mar 2020)
"Excellent organic product and excellent service " JN, Marlborough (9th Mar 2020)
"Customer service very helpful with questions " HN, Kings Lynn (8th Mar 2020)
"I finally am able to do away with the dryness from menopause. It's very uncomfortable to live with and now I don't have to. Thank you for this product. I've shared your info with my OB/GYN doctor and she was impressed. " TC, Horsham (7th Mar 2020)
"I have used Yes for many years. It is by far the best. " TD, Durham (6th Mar 2020)
"I use the VM and can honestly say it has changed my life " GA, Farnham (5th Mar 2020)
"Yes lube and wash are the best I've ever used. No discomfort during the time I've used both. Prior to using these products I suffered the pain of vaginal atrophy, but now I feel as comfortable and confident as I did when I was young!! Thank you so, so much for these perfect and 'life saver' products " EL, Redditch (4th Mar 2020)
"Using Yes has been a godsend. So much more comfortable now. Thank you! " TI, Ipswich (3rd Mar 2020)
"I have recurring UTI's this product has been a blessing! " SK, Sittingbourne (2nd Mar 2020)
"I never have sex without it " LG, Glasgow (1st Mar 2020)
"After getting so much exposure to chemicals in my younger days from spermicides & K-Y, it's a relief to be able to use your products. I feel good, and good about it. Thank you. " CO, Havant (29th Feb 2020)
"It's so important for me to have products that are safe for breast cancer patients! I appreciate how clear you make that on your site as well as the intimate health information you provide. Thank you!! " OP, Yeovil (28th Feb 2020)
"This product has gave me my life back. " DB, Birmingham (27th Feb 2020)
"I've tried any number of lubricants and Yes is the only one that never causes any irritation, which is brilliant. " RE, Esher (26th Feb 2020)
"I've tried any number of lubricants and Yes is the only one that never causes any irritation, which is brilliant. " HN, Nuneaton (25th Feb 2020)
"Only product that hasn't given me side effects. " MP, Lyme Regis (24th Feb 2020)
"Amazing what a difference it makes " AK, Ludlow (23rd Feb 2020)
"I used chat on the website and got a lot of good information so that I knew what to order. " KL, Plymouth (22nd Feb 2020)
"I have found it a wonderful product, so much kinder to my body than the glycerine based products. I followed the instructions for use but have found that at the moment I need to use it every other day. Its a shame I didn't come across it earlier. I have recommended it to a friend. Having had a hysterectomy 20 years ago and having gone through the menapause, I was never given any advice about what could happen. I think there needs to be a mind set change, the subject of a dry vagina and the symptoms should be able to be discussed more openly and freely to help all the women going through it. Very helpful customer service staff. Keep up the great work!! " EG, Norwich (21st Feb 2020)
"Yes, as an organisation have helped tremendously.... I use nothing else. I am sorry to say that one particular Doctor ( who I now no longer see ).. was particularly dismissive when I explained my problem to her. Her time will come !!!!! Thank you for caring..... " AF, Milton Keynes (21st Feb 2020)
"I used to use Sylk but after a while it was irritating and so I looked at alternative products and found that Yes ticked all the boxes. " TC, Harrogate (20th Feb 2020)
"Nothing else comparable on the market. Thank you. " VC, Essex (20th Feb 2020)
"These products are fabulous! Great pleasure-enhancers and soothing too! " LD, Dundee (19th Feb 2020)
"I am so grateful I found you. At last, I can have a sex life without all the problems of atrophy. " KL, Kingston (19th Feb 2020)
"Can't believe the difference it has made 🙂 " AH, London (18th Feb 2020)
"The only thing that works! " OJ, Driotwich (18th Feb 2020)
"Amazing products. I have lichen sclerosis and have been in pain for many many years. We now regularly use yes OB, and have for the last 10 years, and the difference is astounding. Whilst I will never be fully healed, I am 90% better most of the time. And it just makes everything better. Absolutely everything. I would not travel without it. When we accidentally do both my partner and I are unhappy! " HJ, Bury St Edmunds (17th Feb 2020)
"I love it! It is been life changing! Yes VM & OB have helped relieve 3 decades of progressive vulvar pain originating from undiagnosed hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome and latex allergy, plus frequent yeast infections from antibiotics for sinus & throat infections, sensitivity to glycerin, dryness from almost 30 years of hormonal birth control, breast feeding, then peri & post menopause. " GD, Great Yarmouth (17th Feb 2020)
"Great product and as I cannot use HRT this product is so helpful in all medical needs for women. " NY, Calais (16th Feb 2020)
"Yes OB cream has helped me enormously with dryness and irritation. I couldn't be without it. " PT, Totnes (16th Feb 2020)
"Always an excellent product without being really expensive. They work so well. " RN, Devizes (15th Feb 2020)
"Love this product, the most natural product made and ever used. AAA+++ " AA, Portsmouth (15th Feb 2020)
"Absolutely brilliant.. nearly 4 weeks without a UTI! " IH, Marlow (14th Feb 2020)
"Since using YES products my medical health condition has improved significantly 🙂 THANK YOU " AL, Nottingham (14th Feb 2020)
"Tried sample from hospital. Was very impressed. No side effects. Felt natural. " DK, Earlsfield (13th Feb 2020)
"Happy user for many years " DM, Grimsby (13th Feb 2020)
"Makes me feel like a woman again " LW, Derbyshire (12th Feb 2020)
"I am very grateful for this wonderful company and how well they have researched to formulate and present such beautiful, safe products. Thank you for your sensitivity and passionate care. It is deeply appreciated! " YC, East London (12th Feb 2020)
"As a post menopausal woman who has recently begun a sexual relationship after many years of no sex I can say my partner and I are delighted with both OB and WB products - a great help - Thank you. " OT, Oxford (11th Feb 2020)
"Your products have changed my sex life. After struggling with Vaginismus for the past 3 years and that affecting my orgasms, confidence and sex drive, I bought the oil lube. After 1 use I had my best orgasm in 3 years and after 5 uses I was back to my horny, thrush free self. Thank you for these products. They really are doing good work we need. " LH, Ludlow (10th Feb 2020)
"Works extremely well - I have now been using it for nearly 2 years and I am very pleased with the product " BS, Cumbria (9th Feb 2020)
"It really helps stops the vaginal itch and soreness " NN, Chester (8th Feb 2020)
"Ordering is so easy and private and delivery is quick and, again, private. Cannot recommend this product enough. " RS, Salcombe (7th Feb 2020)
"Best product ever made! " KD, Plymouth (6th Feb 2020)
"I have Lichen Planus and I am allergic to certain substances, but Yes lubricants cause no problems whatsoever. " IB, Ipswich (5th Feb 2020)
"OMG! Wonderful " EM, Marlborough (4th Feb 2020)
"Best product on the market for relief of all symptoms associated with vaginal dryness. " JN, Suffolk (3rd Feb 2020)
"Suffered for years and whilst the condition has not gone, these products make life more bearable-thank you! " SA, Dover (2nd Feb 2020)
"As a menopausal woman...very important...I use VM daily for general comfort. " IV, South Africa (1st Feb 2020)
"Super efficient " LN, New York (31st Jan 2020)
"I am a Pelvic Floor PT who highly recommends your products to my patients! (And I also personally purchase and use your products. They are the best on the market! ) Thank you! " YP, St Davids (30th Jan 2020)
"It's significantly better than anything I've used before " BH, Gillingham (29th Jan 2020)
"Fantastic products. Better than anything else we have used. " HF, Farlington (28th Jan 2020)
"Sample of VM given to me by Cancer Nurse Specialist gave immediate relief Thank-you. " FP, Yeovil (27th Jan 2020)
"Yes has been very beneficial after having to stop hormone replacement therapy. It is non irritating and very easy to use and works exactly as described. " RK, Kingston (26th Jan 2020)
"I've been using YES for several years since being diagnosed with breast cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy did a number on me. I can honestly attest YES helped me with dryness and tissue atrophy. I don't know if I have cell regeneration, but I certainly feel a whole lot better. Yes, makes me feel a whole lot better. Thank you for providing a 'pure' sense of security. " AN, Trowbridge (25th Jan 2020)
"I am so so prone to thrush. Have been using your products for years... have never caused it. Your products are amazing " LA, Sidmouth (24th Jan 2020)
"Long time buyer for my wife. We swear by your product for older women " SW, Milton Keynes (23rd Jan 2020)
"Yes VM has changed my life and take me back to where I was before cancer treatment. " IJ, Peterborough (22nd Jan 2020)
"Wow...a terrific experience...definitely recommend this product...the best sex stimulating product in the Market. It has helped my wife from intimate dryness. " NR, Nottingham (21st Jan 2020)
"Great product- so thankful it is ORGANIC -the best- it works great for vaginal dryness. " GB, London (20th Jan 2020)
"Love the VM. It makes all the difference in the world! " CT, Fareham (19th Jan 2020)
"Very natural feeling. Most other products are irritating to me. " NP, Kent (18th Jan 2020)
"Great products. Best on the market. " JF, Isle of Wight (17th Jan 2020)
"Life changing stuff. Age 51. Perimenopausal. Best sex of my life thanks to this product. Luvena worked but had telltale flavor. I don't want to smell and taste like a cranberry. Yes is undetectable. My partner senses nothing. Just me! Tubes could be lesser volume only need about 1/2 the amount! " EM, Middlesex (16th Jan 2020)
"I love the product, i have some nerve damage in the vulva area, and this has helped to reduce that irritation and pain. The OB is the best for me. " NO, Ipswich (15th Jan 2020)
"Thank you for this product I suffer for many years with Sjorgen syndrome and now with menopause and using your product is a relief that I found thank you thank you " WB, Birmingham (14th Jan 2020)
"Using a range of your product has helped keep my recurring UTI's under control and improved the quality of my life. " LY, London (13th Jan 2020)
"Great products, lovely company to deal with " TC, Tenby (12th Jan 2020)
"Bought a trial pack from website and found the Yestimonials really helpful. the packaging is gorgeous and made me feel important and special when I opened it. The anonymity of the external packaging was appreciated. " GH, Glasgow (11th Jan 2020)
"Great product. I have been using it for some years now and recommend it to anyone that mentions issues with dryness or just needing to add a bit of something extra. I call it my fun cream ; ) " IB, Birmingham (10th Jan 2020)
"Great products that my wife and I enjoy. Don't use anything else and never will! " TO, Teddington (9th Jan 2020)
"Absolutely the only product out there I would use! I have had reactions to everything except this! The best " CI, Oxford (8th Jan 2020)
"The Yes range of products have been an absolute saviour to me as a long term menopausal sufferer, especially with vaginal dryness and discomfort/sexual activity. The VM range has also assisted with urinary and anal discomfort because the moisturising properties permeate the pelvic region. " WL, Marlborough (7th Jan 2020)
"It changed my life almost instantly " TB, Lulworth (6th Jan 2020)
"Tried your products a few months ago and highly rate them. Thank you for giving me my life back. " UN, Bath (5th Jan 2020)
"Used only once, as given a free sachet, was impressed as I have sensitive skin and usually get a slight burning, did not with this product " WR, Reading (4th Jan 2020)
"Changed my life of bladder infections ~ haven't had one since I started Yes water based product ~ " EK, Egham (3rd Jan 2020)
"I am a nutritional therapist and have found the YES products to be the most effective of any of the natural ranges I have ever used. I recommend them to all my clients/friends. " SN, Arundel (2nd Jan 2020)
"Have lichen schlerosis and your creams have really helped " YC, Canada (1st Jan 2020)
"The best product on the market does not cause irritation like some creams I have tried. " RT, Derby (31st Dec 2019)
"Amazing products. I never thought that I would have a normal sexual relationship with my husband after being diagnosed with Vulvodynia. Thank you. " PU, Prague (30th Dec 2019)
"I have very sensitive skin and Yes is the only product I have found that doesn't give me a reaction. Even other fragrance free, natural/organic, and hypoallergenic products will irritate my skin, but I can use Yes without any problems. Thank you for making it! " GW, Southsea (29th Dec 2019)
"Very good, wonderful product, makes life so much easier " JN, St Ives (28th Dec 2019)
"Thanks for a healthy alternative to Replens " LM, Bristol (27th Dec 2019)
"Wonderful product. I am symptom free from lichen sclerosis since using your products " VB, Manchester (26th Dec 2019)
"Saved our relationship. Fabulous product. No embarrassment when discussing with customer service. " ZB, Hampshire (24th Dec 2019)
"Finally to be able to feel comfortable with myself. The pain of being so dry is uncomfortable. I really do like this product. " DM, Grimsby (23rd Dec 2019)
"Love your products - the wash is great - teenagers use it during period time " ES, Liverpool (22nd Dec 2019)
"OB has been a fantastic product to use, the Lichen symptoms have all but disappeared! " MK, Newbury (21st Dec 2019)
"Am so grateful to have found your products, especially as I now have a menopausal body which needs some special care to stay comfortable and be able to still enjoy the sexual pleasures in life. " LS, Rustington (20th Dec 2019)
"YES has alleviated my debilitating symptoms to such an extent I forget to use it every 3 days! " LL, South Yorkshire (19th Dec 2019)
"Fantastic natural product which has been a great help after cancer treatment " NI, Nuneaton (18th Dec 2019)
"Yes VM has made the most amazing difference to me. To be comfortable is such a precious commodity! " BD, Blackpool (17th Dec 2019)
"Feels very comfortable, no stinging for delicate mucosa. " KT, New York (16th Dec 2019)
"Love your VM products. Wouldn't be without them. I have been using your VM for several years and find it so helpful in the battle against the dreadful dryness. " CR, Colchester (15th Dec 2019)
"Wonderful to use such pure products. I especially appreciate the Soil Association organic logo. " WP, Portsmouth (14th Dec 2019)
"We have tried other lubricants but my wife finds yours the best. " WK, Kettering (13th Dec 2019)
"We tried your dual intro pack with oil based and water based lubes and we had to come back for more. It's been so helpful with dryness and pain with intercourse, especially since the birth of our daughter. Thank you! " OT, Bologne (12th Dec 2019)
"The best, I can now safely have intercourse with my boyfriend and not worry about being extremely dry and it being painful. I can now enjoy the times we are together. " GH, Farlington (11th Dec 2019)
"Great products, so nice to use, no nasty perfumes and stickiness, feels right for my body and does not irritate. " EL, Epping (10th Dec 2019)
"After having surgery and radiotherapy for Cancer of the Cervix, it took me years to find a product that was natural and effective. It makes such a difference to my life everyday. " NB, Kingston (9th Dec 2019)
"Brilliant .... an amazing product ... 100% effective " LW, Gosport (8th Dec 2019)
"I never thought i would find a lubricant that wouldn't give me thrush or BV, finally I have and I am so delighted. Yes has shifted so much shame and thinking there was something "wrong with me" around my sexuality and I am so grateful. Keep up this amazing work please! Thank you. " JO, Devon (7th Dec 2019)
"It has made a big difference to not getting repeated Thrush " AB, Birmingham (6th Dec 2019)
"Very gentle. Doesn't sting or irritate like other products. " HH, Glasgow (5th Dec 2019)
"Beautiful feeling once applied. " SI, Ipswich (4th Dec 2019)
"Love your product. Only lube that doesn't give me BV. Thank You!!!!! " PY, Storrington (3rd Dec 2019)
"Excellent highly recommended helpline support! " BE, Reading (2nd Dec 2019)
"Thanks for creating products for issues that impact women's daily lives. " HT, Durham (1st Dec 2019)
"I have been using Yes for a number of years now, great product, good service. Thank you " AF, London (30th Nov 2019)
"Love how I was sent a trial pack when I initially wasn't sure. I loved them so happy now to purchase with confidence " NO, Plymouth (29th Nov 2019)
"The most amazing feminine wash and product line available on the market. " PW, Woking (28th Nov 2019)
"I love everything about your products, ethics and customer service! The WB is just amazing in both its natural taste and beautiful effectiveness. " SL, Devon (27th Nov 2019)
"I've been using your YES VM applicators and gel for almost two years now, and they have greatly improved my comfort level and quality of life. I can wear pants, sit, walk, etc without discomfort due to dryness. And, I don't have any allergies to your products, which is a huge plus and something I often have difficulty finding due to chemicals added to most products. I hope you keep on making YES VM throughout my lifetime and continue to bring relief and a quality of life back to many who need it! Thank you so very much. " NP, Norway (26th Nov 2019)
"I had tried this product a long time ago, and loved it. I had tried a few other products in the in between time, and as my peri menopause symptoms have continued to increase and my vaginal health is changing, I came back to Yes, as I had success with using it previously. " NN, Reading (25th Nov 2019)
"This is only my second week - first batch were on prescription following a vaginal infection. Easy to use, doesn't leak out and really pleased that there is an alternative to hormone treatment. " AU, Rutland (24th Nov 2019)
"I am a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed at age 34. I have the BRCA Gene and had to get my ovaries removed at age 35. Menopause has been a nightmare on my body, self esteem, and my sex life. These products have saved me! There is NOTHING on the market that is safe for cancer survivors to use for these issues! You have no idea how much these products have given me hope of a ""normal"" life again after cancer! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! " IN, Wiltshire (23rd Nov 2019)
"Your products have been a game changer - never irritation, never burning, and never putting chemicals in my body that I wouldn't ingest. You guys rock! " BN Northern Ireland (22nd Nov 2019)
"I am a nurse, and I really appreciate the information provided on osmolarity. Your explanations really resonated with me. " FJ, Boston (21st Nov 2019)
"I am shocked at what chemotherapy does to the entire body, not just to cancer! As a result, YES! products are very necessary to me, even though I am not in a physical relationship. " DL, Portsmouth (20th Nov 2019)
"My wife and I have had difficulty with penetrative sex right from the start - when we married, nearly three years ago. We have both tried various medical treatments, with little success. Last night, trying again, we found a sample sachet of Yes OB that the gynaecologist had given us. We tried it, and in I went, no problems! " HL, Oxford (19th Nov 2019)
"Huge relief finding these products. Have problems post hysterectomy and can't use HRT. The dryness was affecting my sense of womanhood. I now feel more like myself. " WB, Texas (18th Nov 2019)
"First and only product found that does not irritate my wife. You are a God-send. Thanks. " GH, Oregan (17th Nov 2019)
"Have found it most useful product as i have intolerance to chemical products which burn and irritate me " VB, Derby (16th Nov 2019)
"It feels great, gentle and right! Since it's natural, it takes away worries about what chemicals might be doing to this sensitive area i.e vaginal flora etc. Thank you very much for making it!!!!! " LR, Santa Fe (15th Nov 2019)
"I honestly don't think I could survive without OB. It is the only thing that makes it possible for me to live a near-normal life. I have tried other products, but they come nowhere near Yes OB. It is soothing and healing and altogether an excellent product. " LS, Ludlow (14th Nov 2019)
"I order this for my daughter and after using all kinds of products I ordered this for her and it's the best yet. She would give it 10 stars. Thank you so much. " TM, London (13th Nov 2019)
"Great product. Helps with using a pessary. Good customer service. Thank you. " KS, Manchester (12th Nov 2019)
"I'm grateful for the availability of pre-filled water-based vaginal moisturizer applicators, which many other brands fail to provide. It makes regular vaginal moisturizing that much easier. They are so convenient. Thank you. " GW, Harrow (11th Nov 2019)
"Easy hygienic and effective. Transformational after treatment for cancer. " IT, Kingston (10th Nov 2019)
"Just awesome... lovely ladies on the phone who are soo helpful and understanding. I love the OB so luxurious and healing.. early menopause, hysterectomy and repair has changed my vagina in how it feels. Never gave it a second thought when I was younger. (51) now.. Keep doing your fabulous work ladies you're brilliant! " AD, Durham (9th Nov 2019)
"Absolutely amazing product, it has helped tremendously with my condition which came about after the menopause and I would not be without it now. " TR, Tottenham (8th Nov 2019)
"I have found Yes WB and OB brilliant for my sexual health as I'm menopausal and have vaginal atrophy with dyspareunia, without these products I couldn't make love to my husband at all. So pleased I found Yes !!!! " PA, Rome (7th Nov 2019)
"I was nervous about looking online about vaginal lubricants in case I got onto the wrong kind of site! But it was so comforting to find your site and find so many women going through the same bodily problems. The reviews were brilliant...not only about the products but about what is going on for them and how we can all share, help each other get over these problems and continue to have confidence as we get through the menopause etc. Thank you very much. " IB, Warwickshire (6th Nov 2019)
"Love all the information provided. I have MS and I am post menopausal, so very sensitive/allergic to practically everything on the market until a friend told me about your company. I am very thankful for YES. Has been a true blessing to me. " GW, New Mexico (5th Nov 2019)
"Incredible products made a big difference to our ability to relax and enjoy ourselves " NU, Essex (4th Nov 2019)
"Ran out and used another lube - agony with cystitis - never had any issues with Yes " WN, Humberside (3rd Nov 2019)
"Best product I've tried. Finally I found a product that works. I've had intimacy issues for about 15 years and finally I get to enjoy being w/my spouse of 25 years. Thanks to you! " NE, Louisiana (2nd Nov 2019)
"Excellent product reduced symptoms of lichen sclerosis " SA, Cumbria (1st Nov 2019)
"You has been a ""life saver"" for me - Medical Consultant prescribed applications which warned of possible side effects including cancer. I didn't even try them - found your website and have never looked back. A million thanks from a more than satisfied customer. " FB, Swindon (31st Oct 2019)
"Getting a cancer diagnosis is always a shock and when the consultant confirmed that I had breast cancer (at the beginning of 2019), the shock of receiving this news was immediate, not only emotionally but physically too. Within seconds of receiving this devastating news I had instant and painful virginal dryness with the most incredible irritation, unlike anything I had every experienced before! Thankfully the drive home was short and I knew that I had some samples of YES lubricants, that had been given to me by one of the breast cancer nurses, when going through the early stages of diagnosis. The first thing I did when I got home was to apply some YES, with instant relief and I have used it every day ever since. As we get older our skin loses its natural elasticity on our face, neck, arms, legs, body and I have always moisturised all of these parts of myself every day - so why did I miss out moisturising my most intimate and often sensitive parts of my anatomy? I was so pleased that the breast cancer nurses were able to help and were so enthusiastic about this very gentle and natural product, as I would not have wanted to use any of the non-natural alternatives. The other YES product that has also really helped me through this difficult time has been the YES Intimate Wash, which is so very gentle and has also been ideal for use around the area where I had my surgery. A stress related rash on my body had also appeared around this time and the intimate wash really helped to heal and sooth that too. I now recommend all of the YES products to all of my friends - my girlfriends who are going through menopausal symptoms, to my friends who are in relationships and want to enjoy more comfortable and sensuous love making (including my gay guy friends) and for those of us who simply want to feel beautifully moisturised everywhere! Thank you so much YES for developing these beautiful and extraordinary products that really do help in so many ways. " KL, Oxford (30th Oct 2019)
"I have been using the water based lubricant for years. It is fantastic. Truly, the only one that I am not sensitive to. As I am aging, I have a need for a vaginal moisturizer. The doctor prescribed vaginal estrogen.... I prefer to try a more natural route first. " NL, Montana (29th Oct 2019)
"It has relieved my skin problems caused by chemotherapy and subsequent drugs taken for breast cancer " DB, Washington (28th Oct 2019)
"I love the oil based lubricant which really helps me as since menopause, I have had a very dry vagina. It is perfect and gives me and my husband huge satisfaction and help with our love making. " NE, New Jersey (27th Oct 2019)
"I suffer with vaginal atrophy and use the YES VM several times a week, I have recently had an internal examination by my GP and she`s very happy with the outcome from me using it. It was my choice to use YES VM rather than a hormone cream as I have had breast cancer several years ago. I`m very happy to continue using it, I also find the YES WB helps with dryness for intimate contact. " FO, Middlesex (26th Oct 2019)
"Made a huge difference with getting up to urinate in the night time. Instead of anything up to 5 times a night I am back to my normal once or twice. Also I don't have any discomfort in the day time when using VM moisturiser. Brilliant product with no side effects. " TR, Richmond (25th Oct 2019)
"These products are simple to use yet their effect is enormously complex: huge relief from vaginal dryness, extra relaxing pleasure during sex, fun to use for massage too. " DK, Tennessee (24th Oct 2019)
"YES is the only product I can use that does not cause irritation. I love the fact that it's paraben free and natural. " JN, Derbyshire (23rd Oct 2019)
"Has transformed my experience of pain/atrophy of vaginal walls and thinning after sudden removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries at 51. I am no longer in pain sitting and walking and I have a happy love life. " GM, Bedfordshire (22nd Oct 2019)
"Nothing complicated. Very helpful at time when women continue to suffer the indignity of the menopause. When you have smart 30 somethings telling you it is a natural right of passage... I answer with, just wait!!!! I started at 40. And so it goes on, albeit less severe... Thank you so much for at least making us women feel human. Well done..... " IN, Rutland (21st Oct 2019)
"My favourite product " CA, Lancashire (20th Oct 2019)
"It's the next best thing to natural lubrication. It's never failed to disappoint. " AH, West Virginia (19th Oct 2019)
"The water based lubricant and vaginal moisturiser have genuinely saved my sex life since having problems with dryness after menopause " YY, Iowa (18th Oct 2019)
"The treatment I purchase has made a massive difference to my relationship, comfort and enjoyment! " DF, Maryland (17th Oct 2019)
"Use VM twice a week on prescription now for a couple of years with excellent results after years of misery. YES YES YES are products I can really trust to be safe and really work. Plus the fact that I can always phone and get correct product advice. Thank you so much. " GG, Fulham (16th Oct 2019)
"Fantastic product, sex would be impossibly painful without. " RT, Rome (15th Oct 2019)
"Fabulous products - a definite repeat purchaser here " SM, Cologne (14th Oct 2019)
"I've been using the water based lubricant from you and it helped a lot since I am quite sensitive, never going to change to other lubricants! " PP, Yeovil (13th Oct 2019)
"I am a returning customer and love the products and ethos behind the company " SL, Essex (12th Oct 2019)
"Love it, No more worries about chemicals or any other ingredients in some products. " DV, Vancouver (11th Oct 2019)
"I am 72 years old and sex has become unpleasant due to my dryness. My husband still enjoys sex and I always dread it. I am hoping this will make sex as exciting and pleasurable as it used to be. " NI, Oxford (10th Oct 2019)
"Like many who have shared comments, I was at my wits end with post menopausal painful sex. I had tried many options, but trust me there is nothing available that beats YES. An absolute life and marriage saver. I rarely leave comments or reviews, but women need to help each other and this is a topic we don't comfortably discuss, I felt I had to let other women know about YES. Purchasing YES will be the smartest decision you will make. I use OB and love it. The applicators are wonderful.Thank you to Susi and Sarah!!!" HO, Derby (9th Oct 2019)
"I appreciate those that have written as to why they are using the product along with its success as I was feeling like "the only person" with painful sex. " LR, Rochester (8th Oct 2019)
"Using the Yes WB and Yes VM have changed my life in terms of enjoyment of sex (not constantly getting thrush due to Glycerine in other lubricants) and reduced UTI's due to vaginal atrophy due to the menopause. " AB, Carmarthen (7th Oct 2019)
"Your staff in customer services are so patient and understanding " NT, Norwich (6th Oct 2019)
"Am now post menopause and find WB ideal for intercourse. I had used other brands before, none of them working that well. The VM is good for daily use and I feel much more comfortable. " HB, Bolton (5th Oct 2019)
"I have referred so many women to your product and women who are in so much pain unable to have sex have thanked me profusely because it's changed their world. What a beautiful product with all the organic ingredients. Thank goodness for YES YES YES! " RE, Stirling (4th Oct 2019)
"Love it! Saved me from ghastly harsh chemical lubricants or unsafe hormonal based products. Thank you for such a brilliant product! " NM, Merrow (3rd Oct 2019)
"Received free samples from my Physiotherapist to see if they helped felt much better after first day of using them, now ordering my own. " KE, Chester (2nd Oct 2019)
"I get relief from symptoms immediately. Thank you for making this product, it is a huge help for me! " BS, Rye (1st Oct 2019)
"Before I started using Yes WB I was experiencing numerous bladder infections and the skin splitting open in sensitive female areas. Since using your WB product on a daily basis these symptoms have disappeared. I have decided to try your Vaginal Moisturizer in this order and compare it to Yes WB. Thank you for your outstanding products. " SW, Buckingham (30th Sep 2019)
"I have to say you have saved me. I have tried everything, didn't know about YES. Life has been awful. So upset, so emotional to have found these products, they're AMAZING. All GP's should know about YES and tell their patients. I have Vaginal Atrophy and LS, other products burn, sting and make things worse. Thank GOD for you and thank you, thank you, thank you. " CI, Somerset (29th Sep 2019)
"After the death of my partner, and then menopause, and a 7 year lapse of intimate touch with a partner, I reconnected with my high school sweetheart- I know its sounds like a movie. I wanted to bring a full experience to this amazing reconnection. I understand we cannot be 18 again, but I am beyond thrilled with YES products that make the physical intimate experience with this wonderful man even BETTER than when we were teens! It took lots of patience and trust for my body to respond and "open". YES products were an integral part of healing and sexual health with no additional aid from hormone treatment. We are both over a half a century in age. LOL. Thank you. " HO, Liverpool (28th Sep 2019)
"Using Yes over the years has changed my life! I had a mandatory total hysterectomy a little over a year ago at 35 and it has helped me tremendously. After recovery, I did not have vaginal pain or dryness that other women talked about. Thank you for saving my sex life and helping my biologically 60 year old body feel like my true young 35 year old self. I will continue to buy your products! " TY, Totnes (27th Sep 2019)
"Makes my wife grin a lot. " FG, Dorset (26th Sep 2019)
"My wife and I love it. She is 74 and I am 71. We enjoy sex. YES makes it very fulfilling. " AI, Alton (25th Sep 2019)
"Have been using Yes for years - honestly, so glad I found this product or intercourse would have been impossible. Did not want to take hormones. " GE, Glasgow (24th Sep 2019)
"I use the cleanse rose wash on my 3 year old daughter because she complains that other soaps are irritating. She loves the gentleness of this product. " NY, Uxbridge (23rd Sep 2019)
"Love Yes products. The only ones that don't burn and irritate. I have been using these for at least 7 years. " WK, Penrith (22nd Sep 2019)
"I have used the products before after extensive research and using other products, DR appoints etc to find a cause and a cure for extreme vaginal dryness, itching and irritation. Yes products saved my life and my intimate relations with my husband!! " DO, Durrington (21st Sep 2019)
"The YES VM works great for inserting my pessary and continued moisturizing. After using an expensive hormone-based prescription cream for 9 years, I was so happy to find this all natural solution. Since I will probably be using a pessary for the rest of my life, I really wanted to find a hormone-free solution. I have been using the VM product for 2 years now and am very satisfied with the results. " VO, Plymouth (20th Sep 2019)
"Never itchy, always comfortable. Helps GREATLY. Thank you very very much. " EI, Emsworth (19th Sep 2019)
"It's an excellent product....we love how clean it is....we love how it feels....we just love it! " NO, Ipswich (18th Sep 2019)
"It WORKS! And it's safe for cancer survivors like me who cannot use hormone-based products. Thank you for such a GREAT catalogue of products! " FS, Farringdon (17th Sep 2019)
"Perfect for me and partner... we enjoy our intimate relationship and we are in our 60's .... it has never been better! Thank you for assisting " JY, Taunton (16th Sep 2019)
"Love your luv products too but can't live without the cleanser. Only thing I have found that truly makes me feel clean and refreshed. ....no irritation or itchiness. " CB, Cirencester (15th Sep 2019)
"Wonderful lube and an amazing wash which has cured all vaginal atrophy pain!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for your brilliant products xxx " KW, Warwick (14th Sep 2019)
"Excellent products which have really helped with some of my peri menopausal symptoms. What a relief - literally! " IS, Southend (13th Sep 2019)
"The Yes VM has provided me with a better quality of life and used regularly twice a day has brought marvellous results.. Goodbye to oestrogen and steroid creams which caused unpleasant irritation. YES,YES,YES to a brilliant natural alternative.. " HW, Reading (12th Sep 2019)
"Yes WB is the best I have ever tried " NT, Norwich (11th Sep 2019)
"Excellent web site. I could spend several hours reading advice, comments, peoples' recommendations. It is such a huge relief to find a product and advice at last, after years of lonely agonising, and HRT being denied to me for health reasons. " JD, Swindon (10th Sep 2019)
"Couldn't live with out Yes now. " IC, Swansea (9th Sep 2019)
"Very gentle, causing no side effects. " WL, Birmingham (8th Sep 2019)
"I had not been able to have pain-free, worry-free sex for 4 years before finding Yes. " AL, Oxford (7th Sep 2019)
"On the advise of a friend I used Yes after 20 years of abstinence due to caring for a sick husband. I do pleasure myself ( hate the word masturbate) and now have a wonderful new relationship where Yes is very much enjoyed and appreciated. I am looking forward to trying the DG " VN, London (6th Sep 2019)
"GP gave me a sample of Yes vm to try. First product I've tried that doesn't sting. Feeling hopeful this could work for me after having a hysterectomy. " PW, Lee on Solent (5th Sep 2019)
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your products. It's so great to have a range of products which are natural, odorless and safe, and something that is often overlooked - with classy packaging! For the longest time I was looking for something that would help with some of the embarrassing issues I've had (which I've now come to realise are perfectly normal!), and I was so grateful to have come across your products - a life-changer, as I was ready to give up. " NP, Staines (4th Sep 2019)
"First time we used it, it was a relief not to feel a burning inside, your natural products are the best, no harsh rash or stinging ever " HL, London (3rd Sep 2019)
"I am in my early 70s and have a younger partner! I always enjoyed a fantastic sex life with him and was devastated when it started to hurt and he was also uncomfortable. Yes has brought all the joy, anticipation and painfree lovemaking. We are delighted. Thank-you so much. " OK, Oxford (2nd Sep 2019)
"I am a new user of your products. Lichen sclerosis for many years. Purchased Yes OB and Yes VM initially. Now getting applicators and wash. I am soooo pleased! Had been using Vaseline and steroids. Am not using the former and have cut back on the latter. YES! Much more comfortable. " TC, Colchester (1st Sep 2019)
"I had an allergic reaction to a well known street shop brand. Swapped to Yes and had no allergic reaction. Great products " NM, Merrow (31st Aug 2019)
"Making all the difference to what was a very dry vagina!! " TE, Eton (30th Aug 2019)

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