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YES CLEANSE intimate washes - feminine wash

2016 winners logoYES CLEANSE are sensitively formulated intimate washes, designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing and effective cleansing action.

Our organic feminine wash is available in two versions: unfragranced and Rose

YES CLEANSE key features:

  • Ultra gentle intimate foam wash
  • Guaranteed Pure and Natural
  • Organic plant actives – Calendula and Aloe Vera
  • pH matched wash*
  • Washes away odour-causing bacteria without irritation
  • Economic foam pump producing soft gentle lather
  • 200+ washes (that’s over 6 months, when used daily)
  • Propellant free foaming
  • Luxurious feminine washes you can use with confidence and safety day after day
  • YES Cleanse Rose contains exquisite Organic Rosa Damascena

*traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the vaginal pH balance, causing irritation and discomfort. YES CLEANSE has been carefully pH matched to complement and protect the intimate environment.

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YES CLEANSE intimate wash - 150ml/5.1fl oz
YES CLEANSE intimate wash - Rose - 150ml/5.1fl oz
YES CLEANSE multibuy - Rose - 2 x 150ml/5fl oz
YES CLEANSE multibuy - Unfragranced - 2 x 150ml/5fl oz
YES CLEANSE multibuy - Unfragranced & Rose - 2 x 150ml/5fl oz

YES CLEANSE unfragranced
150ml/5fl oz

150ml/5fl oz

2 x 150ml / 5fl oz

YES CLEANSE unfragranced
2 x 150ml / 5fl oz

YES CLEANSE organic intimate washes, unfragranced and Rose
2 x 150ml / 5fl oz

Natural pH balanced wash

We are delighted to introduce a new addition to the YES range of organic intimacy products.

Many of our longstanding customers who have enjoyed intimate comfort and sexual well-being through the use of YES lubricants and moisturisers, appealed to us to create an equally pure wash product for the intimate area.

Why? Many commercially available shower gels and liquid soaps can cause irritation to the delicate vulval area.

We listened, we researched, we formulated, we tested – and are now launching YES CLEANSE intimate wash as the perfect adjunct to our other products.

  • For those who prefer an intimate wash that is free of all fragrance, there is YES CLEANSE.
  • For those who enjoy the indulgence of a delicately perfumed wash, we have added precious organic Rosa Damascena to create YES CLEANSE Rose.
  • Both products benefit from the soothing and nourishing properties of Calendula and Aloe Vera, as well as benign cleansing agents which are as effective as they are gentle.
  • Safeguarding the pH of the intimate area is critical to its health and comfort, and YES CLEANSE is careful to respect this balance, making it naturally deodorising and ensuring that the protective acidic mantle of the vulva is not disrupted.
  • YES CLEANSE works well everywhere else too.

As the creators of the pioneering and award-winning YES range of products, we regard ourselves as the custodians of your intimate health, and have taken every care to offer you two organic Intimate washes which meet our very exacting standards of purity, efficacy and safety.

Responsibly formulated, richly foaming, effectively cleansing and safely pleasurable to use, YES CLEANSE is the ideal intimate wash.


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12345   24th January 2022

This product was recommended to me by a friend to help keep my skins ph balance as I have cancer. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It is amazing. I have had eczema on the palm of my hand for several years. I have been prescribed various steroid creams and (highly flammable) moisturisers, none of which have worked long term. After only 3 days of washing my hands with this foam wash, my eczema has all but cleared up. I cannot wait to show my GP the results. This is now my go to cleanser for my whole body.


12345   24th November 2021

I used to use a very well known high street brand with no problems until one day my body had enough and I would get irritation and other issues. I tried other brands, even products that claimed to be made for sensitive skin and after a few hours I would feel irritation again. I have been using Yes Cleanse now for a year and I can never be without it. I am amazed that I finally have a product that makes me feel clean and causes no problems whatsoever. Sure it is a bit pricey, but I will happily stock up if it means no longer having to just rely on water.

ST, London

12345   23rd September 2021

One bottle has lasted me a year of daily use and does not cause any irritation like other products do. Great value for money and quality


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Questions & Answers about YES CLEANSE

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Hi, Can you use yes intimate wash on your whole body i.e as a daily body wash? I find if I use a body wash it irritates my intimate area. If I only to use this as a wash for my intimate area I will still have a problem with irritation if I use another body wash for the rest of my body. Thanks,B Mc E
Yes our Cleanse wash can be used on your whole body
Hello, do you sell Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash in travel or sample sizes? I’m looking to take some in my carry on luggage so it needs to be less than 100ml. If not can you suggest a way to decant the product into smaller container whilst keeping it hygienic? Thank you
We only have the Cleanse in a 150ml tube I am afraid and rely on the pump to make this into a foam, so we would not recommend decanting this.
Hi..what is the age range on this product would this be suitable for my 4 year old daughter for washes?
Our wash is an extremely gentle formulation and therefore it will be fine to use on your child.
Can I still use the intimate wash if it's past expiry date?
Our expiry dates are very conservative and will not cause you harm using after this date, within reason.
I am familiar with yes products, I having been using the water and oil base for years as I suffer with lichen scherlosis, is the YES CLEANSE alright for me to use, I don't want to upset the lichen, thank you.
Cleanse is very gentle but it is possible it may still cause irritation particularly in a LS sufferer. We would suggest you use a sponge to apply the foam sparingly and rinse gently just to be sure.
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Lauryl Betaine
Rosa damascena Flower Oil*¹
Calendula officinalis Extract*
Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*
Citric Acid
Potassium sorbate
Sodium benzoate
*Organically grown ingredients
¹Only in YES CLEANSE Rose

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