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YES DG (DOUBLE GLIDE) water & plant-oil based lubricant combo pack

YES DG (double glide) combines both YES WB 100ml water-based and YES OB 80ml plant-oil based personal lubricants in a single pack. Enjoy these products either separately or in combination.

YES WB is a discreet, natural silky gel which matches vaginal pH, moisturises and lubricates intimate tissues.

YES OB is a luxurious plant-oil based natural lubricant, whose rich oils and butters nourish and condition skin, giving lasting lubricity and comfort.

  • enhances sexual pleasure, sensitivity and ease in love-making
  • no smell, no taste, no stickiness
  • pH balanced for the vagina
  • rapidly relieves dryness and discomfort
  • hypoallergenic: formulated to minimise the risk of allergies
  • YES WB is compatible with natural rubber, latex and polyisoprene condoms and toys
  • YES OB is NOT condom compatible
  • YES OB is suitable for water play and silicone toy use

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water & plant-oil based combo pack

What is the double glide effect?

The essential function of lubricants is that they should be slippery and allow bodies to glide without friction when making love.

Yes DG offers an intensification of slipperiness with its Double Glide effect.

How is this achieved?

The glide from YES WB soft gel is silky and feels reassuringly similar to naturally produced lubrication. However, any water based product by its very nature will not last very long.

The glide from YES OB is different: the formulation gives a creamy texture which is richer, and as the oils and butters do not evaporate, the effect is longer-lasting.

Yes DG combines the benefits of both products – the longevity and high viscosity of Yes OB, with the natural feeling of YES WB, to deliver the best of both worlds.

We recommend applying a layer of YES OB first, followed by one of YES WB, to experience a new dimension in pleasurable lubrication. The WB effectively slides on a coat of water-proof OB, increasing the degree and duration of the glide.

Both products can be applied to either partner, alternatively, in the case of heterosexual couples, the WB can be used internally by the woman, and the OB can be applied to the man’s penis, to achieve the exciting synergy of the two products during sex.

We owe the discovery of this technique to Ruth Hallam Jones, an eminent Psychosexual Therapist, who coined the term “Double Glide”. She found that the unique combination of the two YES products gave enough time and lubrication to women being treated for vaginismus, for them to relax trustingly and build up their tolerance of penetration. Conventional products did not last long enough, or provide enough natural feeling of comfort to achieve good outcomes to treatment. Ruth Hallam Jones said that the success of this approach had “changed her practice”.

The technique is now widely accepted, not just in a therapeutic context, but as a valuable and sensuous means of prolonging and intensifying intercourse.

YES DG Reviews

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12345   14th April 2020

Amazing.. I was afraid of intercourse due to post menopausal dryness. I've tried many types of personal lubricant not just for sex but for personal comfort. This is by far the best!

AB, Boston

12345   14th December 2019

I suffer from interstitial cystitis which makes sex difficult especially afterwards. This product made a world of a difference. It made sex way more pleasurable and almost minimal pain during and after. I am so thankful for this

RN, Austria

12345   28th October 2016

I was having trouble with dryness and painful sex due to menopause and was at my wit's end, most lubricants I tried either burned or had questionable ingredients in them. It had gotten to the point where I thought my sex life was over (at only 49!) I was depressed about it and felt bad for my (patient)husband too. My doctor only suggested Premarin which I did not want to use (hormones from mare's urine? No thank you). I read about the "double-glide" system and thought that if it was helping women who had vaginismus then it was worth a try. Well, am I ever glad I tried it! It worked so well I am no longer worried about dryness or pain. I am so happy and relieved. Thank you so much Yes and Dr Ruth Hallam Jones. You've saved my sex life and made me a very happy woman (my husband says thank you too)!

EN, Vancouver

Questions & Answers about YES DG

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How many hours does it last in vagina before sex? I want to be discreet as it will be my first time to meet the man.
We would suggest that a top up should be applied if required for sex using an applicator which can be done discreetly an hour or so before intercourse.
Hi I wanted to ask if any of your products can be used to conceive? Thank you!
Thank you for contacting YES with your enquiry. Currently YES SF sperm friendly lubricant and our YES BABY system are unavailable because we have experienced some logistical supply issues, which has caused an unexpected delay and has not been resolved. During this delay we have become aware of some potential changes in regulatory requirements around the packaging for this particular product and have, as a result, made the decision to halt production of this product until it is clear what those changes will have on the regulatory burden for YES BABY has unfortunately had the effect of diverting our attention and resources, we have therefore made the decision to keep YES BABY off the market for the time being. The pH of the vagina during most of your cycle is acidic (typically around pH4), however when you ovulate the pH of fertile cervical mucous changes and becomes more alkaline, matching that of sperm. YES WB water-based personal lubricant is designed to match the acidic (pH4) vaginal environment and is not intended to aid conception, however, this product has undergone sperm motility testing by an independent laboratory and has proven results that using YES WB water-based lubricant whilst trying to conceive should not lessen your chances of becoming pregnant due to any effects on sperm motility. YES OB plant-oil based lubricant is designed to nourish and sooth tissues and is pH neutral so it will not change the pH of the vaginal tissues. This product has also undergone sperm motility testing by an independent laboratory and again the results are; that using YES OB plant-oil based lubricant whilst trying to conceive should not lessen your chances of becoming pregnant due to any effects on sperm motility. The testing for both products evaluates whether a lubricant is toxic to sperm (i.e. does it cause sperm immobilisation or non-progressive movement). Eight hours after exposure to YES WB water-based lubricant and YES OB plant-oil based lubricant, the results showed the ability of sperm to make progressive movement was unaffected compared to controls. Therefore, if you are having difficulty trying to conceive, we recommend that you use a fertility friendly lubricant when ovulating as it will support this pH change. There are sperm friendly lubricants available on the market such as PreSeed and Conceive Plus, however these are neither natural or organic and may contain ingredients such as parabens. Please rest assured that we are focussing on bringing YES BABY and YES SF back as soon as we can.
Hi! I just got my YES WB applicators - so happy! and I am reading the instructions. I noticed you recommend to use the double glide- OB+WB- so, if I get the applicators OB -should I insert first this one and then insert a WB applicator? or should I use internally WB and my partner OB externally?thanks ❤️
Can you tell me if your products are available in Scotland on the NHS ?
The YES WB and VM are available on prescription in Scotland
Hello. My husband has a nut allergy. Would the Yes DG be suitable given the ingredients?
We are asked about potential allergic reactions to Sweet Almond oil and it is usually by people who are sensitive to tree nuts or Peanuts and are therefore aware of potential allergic reactions. While a reaction to a tree nut applied to the skin may not be as fierce as a reaction to an ingested nut, increased sensitivity may still occur – we would advise anybody with tree nut allergies to patch test YES OB before use.
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YES WB water based personal lubricant is made from:

  • Organic Aloe Vera, a renowned skin food;
  • Organic Flax extract which is particularly beneficial for the mucous membranes;
  • Three synergistic plant based gums – guar, locust bean and xanthan, all of which contribute to the deep velvety texture;
  • Food grade preservatives and citric acid to buffer the pH.

YES OB plant-oil based personal lubricant contains:

  • Two rich organic butters – cocoa butter and shea butter, which impart smoothness and body;
  • Two fine emollient oils – sweet almond oil and sunflower oil, both organic, which confer a silky texture and skin moisturising benefits;
  • A little white organic bees wax, and some Vitamin E which as well as benefiting the skin, acts as a preservative.

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